what’s new in android 4.4 kitkat – Latest android 4.4 Updates Technology

Google has launched the latest version of android mobile OS recently which is named on a very famous chocolate “Kitkat”.  So the current buzz is what are the new features added in android 4.4 KitKat and what are the latest updates from it’s last update. Here, we have reviewed the latest android OS and list down the updates that about new features. Please have a look at it:


Fresh and Simple Design

The very first thing about new design is the home screens on KitKat looks quite simple and fresh. Much larger Icons and the text font size. The top status bar with your phone’s wallpaper. Instead of 5, only 2 home screens are there by default and user can add more as per requirements. Notifications menu is not changes and it is as in last version. Google just added new icon and Tile for location the quick-settings panel.



Google updated the Calling feature and now user can search across contacts, nearby places or Google Apps accounts directly from within the Phone app. Whole calling UI has been changed.


All at one Place

The new Hangouts update combines all Gtalk, SMS and MMS messages into one place, along-with other conversations and video calls. Google also gives the option for whether User needs to combine them or not. Even you can see whether your contact is online from Mobile or Web.

Android 4.4 KitKat

Emoji options for SMS and all other Conversions

Google has added all Emoji options and added more smileys to SMS, MMS and other conversation thread. So, google’s latest update kitkat now let it’s user to express their emotions more immensely.



There is one Big Search tool bar is there where User can search from multiple places at one place. User can search from one place and it’s enhanced version of last Search Option given.



Google has introduced the latest voice command and voice search. Just Say “OK, Google” to kitkat and kitkat will launch a new voice activation function. Now Just Speak “Call Jhon” and kitkat will call Jhon. Similarly User can speak various commands like Call, SMS etc. and kitkat will obey your orders.


Tap and Pay

Your Android Phone has become your credit card with Tap and Pay. Just Tap your your phone, and with using NFC chip of your phone, android 4.4 will make payment on behalf of you.


Quickoffice Integration

In Android 4.4 kitkat’s latest update, Quick Office is integrated by default and User can now access their all office files, like word, excel, ppt from the phone itself. User will have his office on the Go.


Improved Caller ID by Google

Now, know who is calling you even the number of the caller is not stored in your contact list. With it’s own algorithms and databases, android 4.4 will identify and let you now the name of person who called your number, but you didn’t had his number.


Full-Screen Album And Movie Art 

Now get Full Screen Album and Movie Art on your Screen n new update.


Cloud Printing

In new update, User is enabled to print documents, photos and web pages from your device to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print. You can even print to HP ePrint printer or other printers with apps in the Google Play Store.


Android 4.4 KitKat comes with with the Google Nexus 5 default and Google has already released the KitKat update to all Nexus Phones. All other mobile device manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC are also working on KitKat and the latest update will be available soon to all devices. Have fun with KitKat in your android phone.

what’s new in android 4.4 kitkat – Latest android 4.4 Updates
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