What will be Next after Facebook for Teens – Where Facebook Users and Companies are Going Technology

People love Facebook and billions of people are actively using Facebook but what will be next after Facebook for teens. Perhaps Facebook is the platform where teens spend more and more of their time. But the trend is showing something interesting curve. Users are slowly slowly (not suddenly) now breaking up with Facebook and have started spending a bit less time on Facebook than earlier. This fact is also supported by some of the statistics which confirms this down curve for the Facebook. The statistics shows that approximately around 3millions users have left Facebook since 2007 and there is a growth of around 80.4 % for the Users above 55 + age. This shows that, now people have started breaking up with their most loved social networking platform Facebook.

Before understanding where they are going, let’s first understand, why people are leaving Facebook. One clear-cut reason is being displayed in the statistics above. Teens would not prefer that their parents or teachers do comment on their status or updates. But this is not a very big reason as there is always option in privacy settings for who can reach to your content. You can always prevent people to watch your content, status updates, images, videos and many more. So, this is surely one reason, but not the big enough for teens to have detachment from the Facebook

What will be Next after Facebook

One of the reason may be the Facebook has became more and more ad-driven platform. We know that the main source of Income for Facebook is through advertisements and it is Facebook’s main source of revenue. Recently Facebook has made some changes into his algorithms and now the organic reach has been affected for brands who advertise on Facebook. Brands says that, there are many advertisement opportunities and platforms where they can spend on advertisements. Brands and companies uses Facebook to connect with their potential consumers and engage with them. Now, let’s have a look at one more statistics which says, back in 2012, organic reach of content was around 16% which has reduced in February 2014, around 2% to 6% depending upon the numbers of fans per brand page. This statistics reveal that now, users are watching more and more advertizements on their Facebook rather than what they like, this will always create a negative feeling for the Facebook, when people will not get what they are looking for.

Also, when it’s about entertainment and Time Pass, people generally fluctuates in their likings and preferences. We have some examples like Orkut and MySpace, which were on the Top at one point of time and now, people are rarely use it. This happens because people has tenancy to get bored with things, even it is the most favorite thing for you at one point of time. And hence, people are looking for some alternatives and searching for some alternative of Facebook.

People is liking more with the interactive medias like image sharing and video sharing and many more where they can express themselves and their feelings. The Facebook slowdown depicts the upward graph for Instagram and SnapChat. Both the platforms are showing positive signal where we can see the upward graph of user base for the platforms. Tumbler is also one of the platform which is a quite popular and having an upward graph for their user base. One of this platform may be the option for the next platform for Facebook.

But anyhow, this time, we may not see sudden downward curve as we have seen with the Orkut. Here, Facebook is also making constant efforts to improve the User Experience with Facebook and also there is a whole junk of data available on the Facebook amongst which some of them are the private stuff of people. So, obviously it will be tough for people to suddenly leave the Facebook and use another platform. But, surely,people may make it as a second choice on internet. Let’s see what happens.

What will be Next after Facebook for Teens – Where Facebook Users and Companies are Going
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