Volkswagen Hover Car (Flying Car) Launch Date – Imaginary Concept Car from Volkswagen Automobile News

Curiosity about the Volkswagen Hover Car (Flying Car) Launch Date is increasing amongst the people as the imaginary concept car has gained more views in the social networks. Recently a video about the 2-seater car from Volkswagen flying on the road of china has gained more popularity in social networks. Though we all know that this is the concept car and not a reality, but still the Volkswagen hover car is a very innovative concept that we all have seen till time. Few time ago, Volkswagen had a call for car innovation concept. This concept is a brainchild of a girl who has responded to this call of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Hover Car (Flying Car)

Volkswagen is not very much sure whether they are actually going to launch this Hover Car concept or not. Anyhow, if they have to launch this concept, it might not be any earlier than Year 2020. The reason that we foresee about the Volkswagen Hover Car (Flying Car) Launch Date for 2020 year is that they need to do a plenty of research and testing before making it live on the actual road.  If they have to make this Hover Car concept in a reality, it is technically feasible. There are 2 ways of making it a reality. One is to use a There should be two types of electromagnetic strips. This is how the girl has envisioned the Flying Car Concept. One is to embed electromagnetic strips into the roads. Now, each of this car will have the electromagnetic suspensions in the car, which in effect will lift the car up and the car will become flying car or hover car. Technically it is feasible, but if we talk about the real world scenario of the Volkswagen Hover Car, it will be more infeasible, or let’s say more costly to have it implemented.

To implement it by electromagnetic way, all the roads need to have the embedded electromagnetic strips which is much more costlier. Also, the Hover Car will simply not work on the roads where the electromagnetic strips are not embedded into it. The 2nd way of achieving the flying car concept into reality is through combustion engine. There will be a combustion engine that emits the power from bottom. This is how the Rocket engine works, but a smaller version of  that. This way Volkswagen may achieve the flying car concept. But this might also be a very risky way of doing this, as there is always a problem on Speed Control and fear from Fire is always there with such engine.

Volkswagen Hover Car (Flying Car)

Under the Volkswagen’s People’s Car Project, they have received many of such innovative ideas, amongst which the Hover Car is the most innovative idea. Apart from the main logic, there will be  a small joystick to operate and sensors which will alert the car and automatic avoid it from accidents. In a way, this will help in achieving the auto pilot concept in a car. Google also has a concept of a smart car that operates by sensors on surroundings and car runs by itself.  Google is working on this project since last many times and still they may need time to make this concept into reality. So, let’s see who turns this concept into reality earlier.

Apart from these, there were some innovative cars that also made to the finals. One such concept was a Music Car, where the car changes the color as per the driver’s music preferences. Also a smart key where users can start the car from a mobile phone. These are the innovative concepts that we might see happening on the road in near future. Let’s see what happens in the future.

Volkswagen Hover Car (Flying Car) Launch Date – Imaginary Concept Car from Volkswagen
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