Toyota Hydrogen Car Launch Date – Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) xoncept of Toyota Automobile News

Toyota has unveiled the future concept car and after the Toyota Hydrogen Car Launch Date world will see a whole new concept for the fuel in the Car. The Car will be based on Fuel Cell Vehicle – FCV – Concept. In FCV, the vehicle generates the electricity form the Hydrogen and than this electricity is used to drive the car. Due to this technology, Toyota will have a zero emission and hence it is environment friendly and along with this the car is also an energy efficient Car. The first prototype of the car was built in 2002 and after a decade of that, Toyota had revealed a more finished version of this concept in the Detroit Auto Show 2014. Toyota revealed that the car will go on sell in year 2015. Authenticated Sources revealed that most probably Toyota will Launch the Toyota Hydrogen Car in the third quarter of 2015 yet officials of Toyota has not revealed any confirm news about the launch.

Toyota has also not decided any name for it’s Hydrogen powered car, but the brand name or the car will revealed soon. This Hydrogen Powered car will have a massive advantage over other cars as in place of any carbon, only water vapor will be emitted in the exhaust. Also, the other available electrical cars has one major draw back and that is of the Power. Electric cars generally are not capable enough to generate sufficient amount of Power, which in turns less preferable in a very mass users. This Fuel Cell Vehicle Car will generate a power that is equivalent to the Power generated by Petrol and Diesel powered cars and it might be even more than what our regular car is generating. This will surely give Toyota an edge over the other Vehicles.

Toyota Hydrogen Car

Toyota’s Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle will take Hydrogen as an input and it will have combustion with the Oxygen and this combustion will generate the electricity or electric Power which will be more than sufficient to drive a car. This Electric Power is much more than normal electric vehicle available in the market. After than, this electric power will be used by electric motor similar to what normal electric vehicle are being driven. This process will generate the Water (in Gas Form) as an output of this process. There will be a battery in car which will be charged and discharged by the electric-power generated. In near future, the Hydrogen tanks is about to set-up in USA and people need to take their car to this Hydrogen Station to fill hydrogen (Similar to Petrol station).

Toyota fuel cell vehicle Car

Toyota Hydrogen Car will be capable to produce over 100KW of power which is approximately equal to 140 horsepower. This car will achieve a speed of 0-60 mph in 10 seconds of time. The Future concept car of Toyota will be featured with two Hydrogen tanks towards the rear of the car. Also, a boost converter will be used to increase the voltage that is required by the electric motor. This fuel tank will be filled in approximately 5 minutes and this full tank will have around 300 miles range.

One of the disadvantage we may consider is of the Filling station. Around 100 Hydrogen Filling stations are expected to be set-up and mostly they will be in Southern California. This will restrict Toyota for the mass production of this Hydrogen Cars as there will be very less availability of filling station. But as we all know that the current sources of fuel i.e. Petrol and Diesel as a major are about to be finished in this world and world has to find an alternative of the source of energy where This Hydrogen car is a big option world is thinking of. This may force for the fuel stations to be set-up more rapidly. Also, the environment is surely gone get benefit. Let’s wait till next year to see the FCV concept car of Toyota on road.

Toyota Hydrogen Car Launch Date – Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) xoncept of Toyota
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