Tizen OS Samsung ZEQ 9000 Release Date – Samsung’s first Tizen OS Powered Smartphone Technology

in MWC 2014, Samsung unveiled Tizen OS Phone and after Samsung ZEQ 9000 release date first Tizen OS powered smartphone will be available in the market. After Ubuntu, Tizen is another OS that is going to give fight to Android and will be  out in this year itself. Yet after the official unveiling at Mobile World Congress 2014, Samsung has not released any official news about the launch of Tizen powered smartphone. But Authentic sources revealed that Samsung ZEQ 9000 release date will be in 2nd Quarter of 2014 and after that Samsung ZEQ 9000 will be the 1st commercial smartphone that will be powered by Tizen Operating System. Earlier it was assumed that Samsung will launch Samsung ZEQ 9000 in March but due to some circumstances, Samsung has to made change in the release date of Samsung ZEQ 9000.

Let’s first get familiar with this Tizen OS. Tizen is a Linux based OS for the devices that is not only limited to tablets and smartphones but it is also developed for the Laptop/Desktop, Smart Cameras, Smart TVs, In-vehicle Infotainment and many other wearable devices. The important thing about the Tizen is that it is a Project within Linux Foundation and is operated by TSG (Technical Steering Group) composed of Samsung and Intel among others. The first commercially available device with Tizen Os was also from the Samsung itself, i.e. Samsung NX300M which was a smart camera powered by Tizen Os and now also the first Smartphone powered by Tizen is also going to be released by Samsung i.e. Samsung ZEQ 9000. The first tablet powered by Tizen OS was announced by Systena, back in June 2013.

Samsung ZEQ 9000

Yet Samsung has not officially released any Pics or specifications for the ZEQ 9000 but the rumors have spread around the market and also some of the leaks happens about the ZEQ 9000. According to that, Samsung ZEQ 9000 will have a dark textured plastic body with curved edges. Let’s have a look at Features and Specifications of the Samsung ZEQ 9ooo.

Features and Specifications of Samsung ZEQ 9000

Processor : 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor
Operating System : Tizen v2.2 OS
Screen-Size : 4.8 Inches
Screen Resolution : 1280 X 768 resolution with WXVGA
Primary Camera : 8MP
Secondary Camera : 1.2 MP

One another rumor is also being spread in the market and it is about the naming convection of the ZEQ 9000. Some sources revealed that Samsung will change the name after the Launch of ZEQ 9000 and the ZEQ 9000 will temporary be attached with the smartphone. After the launch of ZEQ 9000, Samsung may rename it to “ZEKE” and the smartphone might be known as a Samsung Galaxy Zeke after the launch of the device. Anyhow this is not a confirmed new from the sources. Also, earlier a news suggested that Samsung ZEQ 9000 was made available on ebay store for online selling but the smartphone was immediately removed from the store. It was made available at the price tag of US $ 300. Yet there is no confirm news about the pricing of the Samsung ZEQ 9000.

Samsung has received a huge success in the Smartphone Market and one of the main reason of this success was Android. Now with the Tizen, it is going to rival against it’s own most essential success factor. Samsung is directly going to compete against the Android and we have to see who wins in this competition. Years back when Android was not launched in the market, it was supposed that OS has no place in the SmartPhone Market competition and only Hardware wins. But the launch of Android changed the whole game and people made the OS as one of their decisive factor in stead of Hardware. But now with the Tize, it has to give a tough fight against the Android, iOS and Windows and also it is not that much popular as these Operating Systems are. So, people are wondering to know how much space Tizen can create in the market. We have to see that. So the questions are will Samsung ZEQ 9000 be gone rock the market of not. And if yes, will it be because of the OS or because of the Hardware of Samsung. We have to see. Let’s wait and see what happens in the SmartPhone Market after the launch of first Tizen OS based smartphone Samsung ZEQ 9000.

Tizen OS Samsung ZEQ 9000 Release Date – Samsung’s first Tizen OS Powered Smartphone
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