Suzuki Next-Gen Fuel Cell Launch Date – A Gen-4 Air-cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell by Suzuki Automobile News

Suzuki unveiled Next-Gen Fuel Cell in collaboration with Intelligent Energy and people are looking for a vehicle with Suzuki Next-Gen Fuel Cell Launch Date. Suzuki unveiled the next-gen Fuel Cell at JSAE (Japan Society of Automotive Engineers) 2014 and it is expected that Suzuki will launch any vehicle before end of 2014 that will have Gen-4 Air-cooled Fuel Cell. It is expected in the market that Suzuki will launch a car with an air-cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell in the fourth quarter of 2014. The main differentiating point in this Fuel Cell is of easy integration in both two-wheelers and four-wheelers vehicles.

Suzuki Fuel Cell


If we keep a track of Suzuki, it is one of the excellent performer in the bike segment and Suzuki owns many stylish and super performing bike on his name. Any-how Suzuki had a bit tough luck when its about Cars. Though they are not turning more revenue from the car segment, they are always considered when its about the new technologies. Also, at this time, Suzuki is not alone in this new segment. At this time, Suzuki has collaboration with Intelligent Energy which is a Power Technology Company. Both the companies has launched a Fuel cell which is not only easily integrate with bikes and cars, but also it might be helpful for other options. For example, this fuel cells will be helpful as axillary power unit in aerospace applications. This will be much more helpful in expanding in other verticals also.

Now let’s understand what this gen-4 fuel cell technology is which has grabbed a lot attention in the market. This next-gen Fuel Cell Power unit incorporates the necessary ancillary components and this will enable the vehicle manufacturer; whether two-wheeler or four-wheeler; to easily integrate this system into their vehicle. This system will gone be power-dense, compact and self-contained system. The special thing about this fuel-cell technology is that it’s rating is 3.9 KW during continuous operation and it has reached up-to 4KW for some short periods. This increase in power is useful in many different ways because it has to offer something for all range of vehicles. As the power unit has been designed as a prime-mover power source for smaller fuel cell electric vehicles, it will address range anxiety often experienced with battery only electric vehicles. Also for conventional internal combustion engines, it will offer a zero-emission alternative and hence it will be useful as a range extender for larger vehicles. So, In short they have something to offer to all range of vehicles.

Fuel Cell

Both Suzuki and Intelligent Energy has experience and in-depth knowledge about the various operating conditions for vehicles and hence they have tried to make this technology much robust and hence it has undergone to comprehensive development process along with the high level of performance test programs. In it’s performance test programs, it has gone under shock and vibration testing. Also to make it successful in some of the middle-east countries, where temperature is always at high pick, it has also undergone a repeated thermal cycling over a range of various operating temperature.

Intelligent Energy and Suzuki both believes that this will gone b a significant step for the designing in automobile manufacture system and will be much more helpful in that area. With this Gen4 self-contained fuel-cell technology, the automobile industry will get a simpler solution which will help them to reduce their time-to-market. So, let’s wait and see what happens.

Suzuki Next-Gen Fuel Cell Launch Date – A Gen-4 Air-cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell by Suzuki
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  1. Priyankur Dutta

    This is a great and innovative environmental friendly approach in the field of automobile for the welfare of the nature.
    Now we are eagerly waiting to see how efficient this Hydrogen driven engine will be .

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