Sony to Launch Windows Phone 8 Smartphone – Report Technology

According to the report detailed on Tuesday, Sony, the giant electronic equipment manufacture and tech lead Microsoft are seemingly planning to introduce new Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone in this year. There is no clear cut statement from both tech giants whether they are near to release their upcoming Windows smartphone or not.

An unnamed trusted source has reported that the upcoming Windows Phone 8 equipped smartphone would be noticeable with the Sony VAIO brand name.

According to past news, the company has already developed Windows Phone 7 powered model called “Jolie” which never made it past the pattern state. At MWC 2012 event, when sources reported that Sony’s senior manager told that, we were basically told that even though Sony was keeping the door open to the idea of one day producing a Windows Phone, no one cared about the platform.


As per recent updates, Nokia is currently having more than 92% share of the Windows Phone market and the Windows powered devices developed by some other companies such as HTC and Samsung have not been big successes.  The report says that Sony is planning to enter in Windows Phone market in 2014. ZTE is also declared that we are also going to introduce new Windows Phone 8.1 powered smartphone in this year.

Moreover, Nokia’s both high-end Windows powered smartphones Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 currently are on huge demand due to its high end specs and camera. Prior this month we reported that Nokia has also scheduled to introduce its first Android based smartphone called Nokia Normandy.

Sony to Launch Windows Phone 8 Smartphone – Report
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