Samsung Glass-based AR Keyboard Release Date – Your Hand (Fingers) are AR Keyboard Technology

As the news spread that Samsung has filed pattern, people are eagerly waiting for the Samsung Glass-based AR keyboard Release Date and we are truly awaiting for this Augmented Reality Keyboard. Samsung is working on Samsung Glass which assumed to be the direct competitor of the Google Glass and now they are adding Augmented Reality Keyboard to Samsung Glass. News in the market says that Samsung is going to release Samsung Glass in late 2014 and it is assumed that it will be launched in the september 2014 along with the launch of the Galaxy Note 4. But the question remains that will this Augmented Reality Keyboard be there in this version of Samsung Glasses or we have to wait for the next version of the Samsung Glass.

The above question validates itself because in the launch of the Samsung Glass, there are 2 major innovations that are assumed to be implemented. 1. Voice Based Action and 2. Augmented Reality (AR) Keyboard. Now if Samsung considers Cost vs. time vs. benefits, Samsung might decide to go with any one of this option in the first version of the Samsung Glass and depending upon the market situations, Samsung might release the technologies phase-wise. One of the biggest reason why Samsung might delay the release of glass based AR Keyboard is that for Samsung Glass, it has to directly compete with the Google, and which is surely gone be very tough competition for Samsung.

Samsung Glass-based AR (Augmented Reality) Keyboard

In the glass-based AR keyboard, the camera will be there in the Samsung Glass and it will make projection on the hand. This Glass will be major interface for the Keyboard display. This mean that if you have worn the Samsung Glass, you can see this projection of Keyboard on your hand. But if any person nearby you who has not worn the Samsung Glasses will not be able to see this Keyboard. This is a very unique and most useful feature when you are using Samsung Glass in public. Suppose you are using this AR Keyboard in public, so there is always a threat that somebody will see clearly and take note of your private number, or your private message or any of your private email. But as it will not be visible to anyone else, it will remove this threat and this AR based keyboard will provide more security to it’s users.

So, from this camera based Augmented Realty keyboard will project keyboard on your fingers, and the segments of your fingers will be assigned with different values of different keys. Your Thumb or the finger of another hand will be used as an input device. When you touch your thumb with any particular segment of the finger, system will take that value as an input. Camera will also track the movement of your thumb which will eventually be helpful in measuring the sequences of phrases when input is a text. So, it is possible that when next time somebody will message you, they might have sent you message from such keyboard.

This concept was first show-cased by Pranav Mistry – an Indian Computer Scientist and Innovators. If you remember his sixth sense technology Video which was very famous on TED and was one of the highly shared and viewed video, than you will find that he has thought of the concept of such kind of Augmented Reality Keyboard in that Video. Pranav Mistry is currently working with Samsung as a head of Think Tank Team and Vice President of Research. Any how Samsung or any other sources has not revealed that whether he is directly or indirectly involved in this project or not. Anyhow, time to go and we have to wait a bit more for using our fingers to make calls, send messages and sending emails and many more. Let’s wait for this amazing new technology.

Samsung Glass-based AR Keyboard Release Date – Your Hand (Fingers) are AR Keyboard
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