How to Preload YouTube videos in Android and Watch it Later – Not Offline Viewing How-Tos

This post is not about Offline YouTube Video viewing but for Preload Youtube Videos in Android and Watch it Later for viewing. YouTube is the most favorite for Video viewing and sharing but problem arises on Android when there is a limited bandwidth and data plan available on Mobile GPRS and many a times it becomes somewhat difficult to view YouTube videos on low internet bandwidth. On Lower Bandwidth, your YouTube videos will have higher buffering time this will  cause inconvenience to watch a high quality of YouTube videos on your Android phone. High buffer time will lead to play and pause of videos which in many cases even-if you are on 3G network.

Anyhow YouTube has found solution to this problem and is available as pre-loading of YouTube Videos where you can Preload Youtube Videos and watch later on. Anyhow, you cannot watch these videos in offline mode. This means that you will require an Internet Connection (Though very slow or not reliable) to view the videos but anyhow you cannot watch these Preload YouTube videos in offline mode. These videos will be temporarily stored for 48 Hours on your SmartPhone and you can Preload and view them as per you convenience within the given TimeFrame. For enabling Preload Youtube videos, you need to upgrade to the latest version of YouTube App and your android version should be Jelly-Bean or Higher.

Please note following 2 conditions to Preload YouTube Videos:

  1. Your Smartphone Must be connected to wi-fi network.
  2. Your Smartphone must be in Charging state.

If you fullfill above conditions you can enable Preload YouTUbe videos in your android powered smartphone. Let’s see step-by-step guide on How you can enable and use this feature.

Step-by-step guide to Preload YouTube videos in Android and Watch it Later

1. Goto YouTube –> Settings
2. Goto “Preloading” in Settings. If you are not upgraded to the latest version of YouTube Application, you will not see “Preloading” in the Settings. Please upgrade your YouTube application to latest version.
3. In “Preloading” you can set your preference to preload videos. Here 2 options are available:

  • Preload Subscriptions (YouTube app will download the videos (channels) you have subscribed).
  • Preload watch later (YouTube app will download videos you have added in Watch Later).

Preload YouTube videos in Android

4. Save Settings.

This is done. You can save the above given settings to Preload YouTube videos. Now the question is how you can identify that video has been successfully added for Preloading and when the preloading is successfully complete.

How to know that video has been successfully added for Preloading

Go to the video that you have subscribed or add to Watch Later. The video will have w White Downloading Icon in the bottom-right corner of the video. The White Icon indicates that Video has successfully been added for Preloading.

Preload YouTube videos in Android Downloading

How to know that preloading of YouTube Video is successfully complete

When YouTube video will successfully be preloaded, instead of White Icon, You will see a green Icon with downside arrow. This means that the Preload YouTube Video has successfully been done. Now even if you have a low internet connection You can watch this YouTube Video.

Preload YouTube videos in Android Downloaded

To select individual videos in YouTube for Preloading, you can simply put them into Watch Later list. Thsi will optimize the use of both your bandwidth and battery usage. Hope you will Enjoy This.

How to Preload YouTube videos in Android and Watch it Later – Not Offline Viewing
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      Anyhow, if you need that feature back, simply uninstall the Youtube App updates, and you are done… :-)

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