Personal Tracker – How To Share and Track Real Time Location of a Person – TrackMe How-Tos

Have you ever wondered to use personal tracker to easily share and track a real time location of a person or your friends or family member or even your colleague or employees, than it is possible now with an App in Android. The app is TrackMe where you can not only track real-time location of a person or friends and family members, but also share your locations with others. The application is available in Google’s Android MarketPlace Google Play Store to download and install. You can find “TrackMe” by GTS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the Google Play Store to download, install and use for free of cost.

How To Share and Track Real Time Location of a Person

TrackMe enables you to share your real-time location with group of friends and also you can track realtime location of your friends very easily. Just Download and install this app from Google Play Store. All you have to do is to create an account with TrackMe with simple steps of registration you can create a group or you can join any existing Group. This group are personal groups and not the open Groups. So no worries about the security and privacy. Your location data is secure and private. Follow this simple steps for sharing and tracking real time location of a person with TrackMe.

Steps for Sharing and Tracking Real Time Location of a Person with TrackMe

1. Download and Install Application

2. Create a New Group if you wish to create your own group of friends

3. You can also Join Group created by your friends or family member or your organization

4. You will see a butoon to Turn-on or Turn-off trackig. You can turn-on or turn-off tracking.

Turn this button On to share your tracking in the Group. Turn Off to stop sharing your real time location in the group.

5. Invite Group Members to your Group. There is also an option to allow some one to your group access without giving them group password.

6. You will also see a button “Detailed tracking On Map”.¬† This button will take you to the query Page From where you can see the detailed tracking of each member of a group.

7. Select date range¬† and it’s done. “Name” of a person is an optional field in query. By keeping it blank, you can track each one’s location.

It’s Done. By following this simple steps you can make your mobile your personal tracker and you can share and track real time location easily. If you wish to track the location on bigger screens like desktop and laptop, than also, it’s Ok. The app gives you an URL from where you can go and track the location which will become your personal Tracker. You can open this URL in your browser and enter your groups Username and Password and enter query. I would personally prefer to go with the Internet Explorer and not with the Chrome and FireFox. Your browser might ask for the permission to allow web page to track your location. Allow it to track. Now it’s simple, Just make query. One thing in the query to note is, the From Date and Time and To Date and Time is same by default. Just change it to a date range to see the multiple locations.

Also, there is an option of group chat, where you can chat with your friends.

They have also an option to go for a premium plan where you can set-up this system on your own server and enjoy full data security and privacy. This is a very useful app not only personally, but also commercially and security purpose. If you are a organization, and wish to track your field staff, than you can track it easily with the help of this app. Also, think in a case of war where A commando can track the locations of their soldiers. Also, think of a case where you are at some unknown plcae and you feel that you are unsafe, just share your locations and you could be saved from some danger. Hope you will find this helpful and Fun.

Personal Tracker – How To Share and Track Real Time Location of a Person – TrackMe
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