Pebble Appstore on Android Release Date – Appstore for Smart Watch Technology

Pebble launched it’s own Appstore on iTunes and soon after this now there is news about Pebble Appstore on Android release date which android lovers are waiting for. Pebble is a well-known for the Smart Watch and now it has now launched it’s official App Store on iTunes. The news is that Pebble’s own appstore will be available on Google Play Store i.e. Android App MarketPlace very very soon. It is expected that Pebble may launch it’s Appstore in 1st Quarter of 2014 and approximately it will launch it on Android in approximately before March ending. We need to note here that Pebble has just launched its Appstore on iTunes to download it on iPhone and iPads.

The App Store that was launched on iTunes recently is a part of the official Pebble App and it is having seven categories of Applications : Games, Notifications, Remotes, Watchfaces, Tools & Utilities, Sports & Fitness and Daily. Yet there are around 1000 Applications available on Appstores as of now, but Pebble is inviting developers to submit their apps on the Pebble Appstore. The reason for comparative lower quantity of Applications on App Store is because the App Store is not going to support older applications and developers had to make the Applications run on Pebble’s SDK version 2.0. But this is to only worry of Pebble and not for the Smart Watch Users, Because Pebble is going to allow it Users to install apps in the traditional way.

Pebble Appstore for Smart Watch

It is expected that Pebble Smart Watch Users will be able to came across tons of compatible apps on their smart watch when this most liked and awaited App Store will be launched on Android. So far after the launch on iTunes, the App Store is serving as an elegant way to check out Applications or watchfaces to customize the watch. The only negative point Users has noted is that this is a quite slow process. The news about the Pebble Appstore on Android is getting more confirmed as Pebble has already launched a beta version of the updated app with on Google Pay.

Most of the apps available on the App Store in iTunes are free, and this might be a promising news for Android lovers as they are also going to have the same experience on Android. Anyhow, for some Applications require companion smartphone apps for the iPhone and that Application you need to buy. But this might not be much of worry to Android users as a huge library of compatible Application is already available on Google Play for Free. Pebble Smart Watch is gaining the popularity among the market, but it will be too early to say that it will replace smart phone, though many of market analysts has this opinion. Any how, no one can say what will happen in future. Let’s see what happens. Till than keep reading, we will update about the more news when available.

Pebble Appstore on Android Release Date – Appstore for Smart Watch
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