Passport Seva Kendra Login – How to Apply Online for Passport Seva? How-Tos

Passport Seva Kendra has started online passport application service. You need to follow very simple steps for Passport Seva Kendra Login and apply for passport online. It’s very simple. Please follow following step-by-step process for Passport Seva Login and apply Online for Passport Seva:

Step 1: For Passposrt Seva Login, first you need to register online for passport Seva. You can register at following link:

At this link, click on ‘New User’ ‘Register Now’

Register at Passport Seva Kendra

Step 2: Fill-up User Registration form.

In ‘Passport Office’ select the nearest passport office to your present address. When you will select a passport office from drop-down, it will give you the list of areas that are cover under selected Passport Office. Other details are very simple like Name, Surname, Date of Birth etc.

Upon Successful registration, you will get User Name and Password to Login into Passpoert Seva Kendra.

Passport Seva Kedra Registration

Step 3 : Now again go to the link in ‘Step 1’ and press Login. Enter Use Name(or Email ID) in Login ID.

Passport Seva Login

Passport Seva Kendra Login ID


Step 4 : Now Enter Password, correct Captcha and press Login to Login into Passport Seva Kedra

Passport Seva Kendra Login

Step 5: Upon Successful Login, you will be landed to Application Home. Click on ‘Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport’ to apply for a passport.

Apply for Passport Online

You have 2 options here  :  

a. Download e-form -> fill-up  -> Upload

b. Filling Application Form Online.

For Alternative a.

Step 6: Click on Download e-form for fresh or reissue of passport

Apply Online for Passport

Step 7: After downloading form, fill up form and upload it.

Uplload Online Passport Application Form

For Alternative b.

Step 6: Click on ‘Click here to fill-up Application form online’

Step 7: Select Passport Type details and press Next

Step 8: Upon reaching to step 7 with any alternative, You will get message that Your Form has been submited successfully. Now you need to Schedule Appointment with your Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Some PSK mandatorily ask for making Online Payment for booking appointment. Click on ‘Schedule Appointment’

Apply online for Passport

Step 9: Upon click, Site will show your details. verify and click next.

Step 10: Select your Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) enter Captcha and click Next.

Slect Passport Seva Kendra

Step 11: Site will show you application details and ask to Pay and book appointment. Click on ‘Pay and Book Appointment’ button.

Step 12: Select amongst various online payment alternatives e.g. Net Banking, Card Payment or NEFT/RTGS payment etc.

Step 13: Upon successful Payment, Site will give you message about Successful Appointment Booking. You need to Print this Application form. Click on “Print Application Receipt”

That It.

This is very simple process to go Online, Login at Passport Seva Kendra and Apply online for passport. Hope this will help you.


Passport Seva Kendra Login – How to Apply Online for Passport Seva?
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