Nokia Normandy Release Date and Price of Android Phone by Nokia Technology

Earlier we have published post about Nokia Normandy Release Date in India. Now, We have got more confirm news about Nokia Normandy Release date worldwide. Since Android phones were not released by Nokia till date even after such a great level of success of Android and Now Nokia is about to release an Android Phone, so obviously it has already created a lot of buzz in Smart Phone  lovers.

The news from authentic sources reveal that Nokia Normandy will released in March – April 2014 and this goes with our prediction. Earlier we have predicted that Nokia will Launch Normandy in 1st quarter of 2014 and News is going to be true. Also, breaking the routine, this time Nokia will release the Normandy globally and will be available in all countries simultaneously. Generally it happens that Nokia releases the same model in different countries at different times, but at this time, Nokia planning to launch the Normandy in March ending or April starting of 2014.

Nokia Normandy Android OS

Nokia had stick to it’s own Symbian OS and than after it adopted Windows Operating System. Even in many emerging markets like India, Nokia was a market leader at one point of time. But after the huge success of Android Samsung tap the market of smartphone which was ruled by Nokia. Finally, Nokia has planed to have android. Everyone know that Nokia has excellent hardware technology, and now the Nokia is meeting the  Android, so obviously it’s big news in Smartphone market.

Nokia is planning to have an dedicated version of Android, and also it will be an entry level smartphone. It will be priced around USD 150 so we can see a very tough fight in smartphone market. Also, the android version has created a buzz that how the android version of Nokia will look a like. There are so many rumors prevailing in the market about the android version of Nokia, but no authenticate news is there. So, we need to wait till we get any confirm news about the Operating System’s version for Nokia.

Nokia Normandy Release Date and Price of Android Phone by Nokia
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