Nokia Normandy – Nokia’s 1st Android Phone Price and Release Date in India Technology

Nokia is finally going to release it’s 1st android phone which is code-named as Nokia Normandy. Nokia has supported the windows platform till date and was very stick to it. But finally, it’s confirm news from authentic sources that Nokia has planed to launch it’s android phone in market.

Once upon a time, Nokia was a clear leader in Mobile Phone Handset market in the world. In India, it was situation that there was no strong competitor of Nokia at that point of time. But android changed the whole game. Even Nokia found that it’s decision about not to go with android and rather stick to either it’s own Symbian OS or to go with windows; has given chance to other manufacturer like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. to cover the Smartphone market share.

Normandy - Nokia's 1st Android Phone

Finally, Nokia will soon launch its new Smartphone running Android operating system. The android phone will be a budget smartphone, which could be a possible threat to it’s existing rivalry in Smartphone market. Nokia has been testing “Normandy” with a special “forked” variant of Android that’s not aligned with Google’s own version. Since than, a lot of buzz has been there in market about the Nokia Normandy release date in India but Nokia has not revealed any release date for it’s 1st android phone in India. A Nokia handset designed to run Android and plans to make it reality for a 2014 release.

With the Microsoft-Nokia deal about to be complete and finalized, it is quite unclear if this new budget android will make it to the market. But the sources has revealed that in the 1st quarter of 2014 Nokia can launch it’s 1st android phone, as it is news from authentic sources that Nokia Normandy is already under design and Nokia will soon leak its 1st prototype. So, it is estimated that Nokia may release it’s 1st Android phone – Nokia Normandy – to India in mid of 2014.

Nokia Normandy will be a budget smartphone, and it is estimated that it will be priced in the range of Rs. 8000 to Rs. 16000. Yet the pricing is not confirmed, but as the Nokia may consider the competition, it will price the Normandy around this range. People are currently curious about Nokia Normandy price in India because the price range people are talking about is quite large and it’s tough to guess more exact price in India. The current question going on in market is whether Nokia and Microsoft will go ahead with Nokia Normandy and release these android smartphones at prices with direct competition to it’s own Windows Phones? No sources are sure for these pricing, but surely, if it is Nokia, people will wait for the next Nokia Android Phone.

Nokia Normandy – Nokia’s 1st Android Phone Price and Release Date in India
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