Nokia Lumia 630 Release Date in India – Nokia’s first Dual Sim Lumia Phone – Price and Specifications Technology

Nokia unveils Nokia’s first dual Sim lumia phone 630 and Nokia Lumia 630 release date in India is a buzz word in market. Nokia has fixed release date of Nokia Lumia 630 for the next month and Nokia will launch Nokia Lumia 630 in May 2014 in India. The windows 8.1 powered phone will be launched in the next month but the question prevailing in the market is about why Nokia has taken too much time for Dual Sim for Lumia devices. What so may be the reason, but finally Nokia came up with Dual Sim Lumia device. If you remember earlier, Nokia took a bit more time than other manufacturer like Samsung and Sony when the concept of Dual-Sim phones were first time launched in the world. Any-how at that time, Nokia was the market leader in India Market.

This time also, Nokia did a bit delay, but anyhow search for Dual Sim Nokia device has come to an end. As the pricing is concerned, Nokia Lumia 630 will be launched at the price of US $ 169 in the Global market. In India market, Nokia Lumia 630 will be available at the Price of Rs. 10000 but this may varies or actually be slightly high than this. Anyhow, it will be clear in the next month at what price Lumia 630 will be available in the market. Along with Nokia Lumia 630, Nokia is also going to launch the low cost 4G Smartphone i.e. Nokia Lumia 635 in the Indian Market and will be available at the competitive price in the market around Rs. 11000.

Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 is a dual sim latest Winodows powered smartphone which had created too many rumor earlier amongst the smartphone lovers. Let’s have a look at the Features and Specifications for Nokia Lumia 630:

Features and Specifications of Nokia Lumia 630

Processor : Quad core 1200 MHz processor
Screen Size : 4.5 Inch
Screen Resolution : 480×854 px
Display : IPS LCD
Operating System : Windows Phone v8.1
Primary Camera : 5 MP
Secondary Camera : 1.3 MP
Memory : 8 GB Internal Memory, Expandable up to 128 GB
RAM : 512 MB
Battery : 1830 mAh, Li-Ion battery
Other : Dual SIM, 3G, WiFi

Nokia may expect some increasing line in their sales graph because of Dual Sim devices. In India, due to various reasons and specifically for the mobile top-ups and packages available in the market, most people carry more than one sim card and having 2 different sim-cards with one person is vary obvious in India. Samsung has understood and catered to this need of market very carefully and it is also a very successful in their strategy. Let’s see what Nokia can do. Nokia has a specific target user-base for it’s devices and hence we have to see whether dual-sim devices can pust the Sales Graph of Nokia or not. Anyhow the buzz for dual sim Lumia devices was always there, but whether this buzz converts into the sales or not, we have to see.

Also, Majority of the Mobile Service providers have started buying the 4G spectrum in India and India will soon be ready for the 4th Generation of Mobile technology. Perhaps this may be the probable reason that along with Nokia Lumia 630, company will also launch the Lumia 635 which will be the entry level 4G phone available at the low-cost. What-so Nokia may do, it has not only to fight against the competitors like Samsung, but it has to massively fight against the Google’s Android, and hence competition is always tough. Let’s wait till next month and let’s see what happens.

Nokia Lumia 630 Release Date in India – Nokia’s first Dual Sim Lumia Phone – Price and Specifications
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