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At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan showed its electric concept car Nissan BladeGlider and since that it is foreseen that the bladeglider tap the Green-Car market. Since late 2010, Nissan has been selling its Leaf electric vehicle but this has limitations and the leaf electric vehicle is not able to tap the major market share. But with Nissan BladeGlider, Nissan hopes to cater to a larger market of those who along with stylish looks also want performance and an environment friendly car.

With the stylish look that everybody praised at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan BladeGlider has an aerodynamic design that has extra-narrow front track and a super-wide rear track with the space for three passengers. The seat for a driver is in the middle and seats fir two passengers in the rear. Nissan BladeGlider is made Carbon Fibers which makes the car light weight yet strong and it puts the BladeGlider’s centre of mass on the rear tires which in turns provides the room for tighter turns. Nissan said that with Nissan BladeGlider, it envisions that each rear wheel will be powered by one hub-mounted electric motor. This will allow for torque-vectoring capabilities. This means that Nissan BladeGlider will have the higher performance in terms of speed and displacement as compare to other electrical vehicle available in the market.

Nissan BladeGlider


Nissan BlageGlider electric car

Nissan has plan to produce a sports car based on its BladeGlider concept which it reveled in the Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan has not officially announced when it will going Launch the Nissan BladeGlider, but the news from the authenticate sources revealed that Nissan is going to have this car available in Global Market around in last quarter of 2014. This means that Nissan lovers can expect that Nissan BladeGliders release date will be around November or December 2014.

Also, a lot of buzz prevails int the market about the price of Nissan BladeGlider, but the BladeGlider is in its concept stage. So, at this stage, Nissan has not revealed any news about the price of BladeGlider. So we have to wait a bit to have the price of Nissan BladeGlider. We will update as soon as we got any information about the price of Nissan BladeGlider. So, Keep Reading.

Nissan BladeGlider Price and Release Date (Launch Date) and Specifications
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