Nexus 4 Power Button Long Press (Hold) Not Working How-Tos

Today morning, I faced serious issue with my Nexus 4. Long Press of Power Button i.e. press and Hold of Power button not working in Nexus 4. I got shocked and I almost thought that I might have some serious Hardware Problem. But luckily, it was not the case. It was a software issue and I got my Nexus 4 Power button working as it was earlier. So, I thought to share the trick that saved my Nexus 4 Power Button Press and Hold issue.

How I Replicated Press & Hold Power Button Issue in Nexus 4

I was about to take Screenshot from My Nexus 4. I pressed Power Button and Volume down Key to capture Screenshot but unfortunately I could not take Screenshot. Than I tried to Press and Hold Power button, Screen got locked, but I was not able to Power off the Phone or turn it to Silent Mode from shortcut. I was able to press the Power Button and Lock the Screen, but was not able to Long Press Power Button and turn off the phone. I did lot of rectifying and finally got the solution of the issue.

Nexus 4 Power Button Not Working

Solution for Power Button Long Press Not Working Issue

There are two alternate solutions. Just follow this steps:

Solutions 1:

  1. Go to the Home Page
  2. Press and Hold Power Button for more than 30 seconds
  3. Nexus 4 will get either Turn off or automatically reboot
  4. If it’s automatically reboot, than not an issue, your Nexus 4 will working fine
  5. If it’s turn off, Press the Power button and start the phone
  6. It might ask for updating many of your installed app. It’s up-to your choice to update them or not, but Ypur phone has reset to original state

Solution 2:

  1. Try to figure out the apps installed since you start facing this issues
  2. Uninstall all the Applications since the time you are facing the issue
  3. Reboot the phone by pressing Power Button for more than 30 seconds
  4. Your Issue is resolved now

If these solutions don’t work for you, than it’s not a software issue and it might be some hardware issue. Please share this post if it works for you.

Nexus 4 Power Button Long Press (Hold) Not Working
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  1. mrk

    Thanx it worked for me, I was planning to take my nexus 4 to service centre, have saved money and time both. Thank you once again.

  2. Amey

    Thanks a lot, you are a true savior…. OMG i can believe this, i thought i was doomed, but the button is fine no problem :)

  3. mchaung21

    Thank You !!! I did not try, but I am just afraid that I could not turn on my phone
    after I use this method !! is it the case?
    Thank You so much

    1. admin Post author


      I cannot tell you surely whether your phone will turn on or not. But, it is worth to try. The reason is: If it is a Hibernation Issue, Your phone will get turn on. If it is Hardware Issue, though your phone will not turn on, It will not anyhow going to negatively affect your phone… :-)

  4. ethan

    Hi there guys I broke my volume button on nexus 4 so I manually change it in settings but I can’t screen shot because u need the volume and power button . is there any other way please help mee

    1. admin Post author

      Hey ethan, There is a way to take screenshot without the volume and power button. Many applications are available in Google Play Store that will help you to take screenshot. But for that, you might require to root your phone. Please check that out. I’m sure you will get some help.

  5. Suresh

    Awesome. I recently had a problem with my acer tablet and was wondering if this nexus is following the same route. You saved my day admin…

  6. Ruba

    Thanks I had started to panic.. I was worried that if I let it get switched off by draining the battery it might not start again at all.. First I tried the second method that didn’t help so used the first one. Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot!

  7. Ruba

    PS. My phone automatically rebooted after pressing the power button for 30 seconds. So @mchaung21 that might be the answer to your question. No need to worry about switching it on again.

  8. sanjay

    Thank you very much for the solution, I was into the same dilemma as yours and your solution 1 was perfect for my case :)

  9. Shravan Baira

    Omg .. Thanks alot for your post .. its worked fine for me … At moment i thought my button is gone but you really saved me :)

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