Nexus 4 Not Charging and Turning On and Died Suddenly – Hibernation Issue How-Tos

My Google Nexus 4 didn’t Power on or charged and I was bit worried whether my Nexus 4 died. But luckily it was not. I figured out the issue solved it and posting it here, so it would be helpful for others.


Battery of my Nexus 4 was running on low Power and than fully drained. After that, I put my Nexus 4 into Charging, but unfortunately Nexus 4 not charging. Also I tried to put it sometime for charging and than tried to turn it on, but unluckily My nexus 4 not Turning On. I pressed the Power button multiple time but nothing worked. Also, I tried both electrical charger and USB charger of Nexus 4 but that also didn’t worked for me. Instead of showing charging Icon on screen, my Screen was completely blank and became unresponsive. I was in a BIG trouble and worried about why my Nexus 4 died suddenly. I was worried whether my Nexus 4 bricked any how. But luckily that was not a case. I found solution.

Nexus 4 Not Turning On


Actually my Nexus 4 was not died but it went into deep hibernation. deep hibernation means Nexus 4 was actually working but went into deep sleep.


Please follow this simple step for solutions:

  1. Remove Case or Cover of Google Nexus 4. This is very important No Reason why, but it works
  2. Press and Hold Power and Volume Down Button for approx 15 seconds or more
  3. Now continue holding the 2 buttons and Insert USB Charging. (Not Electric charging  from wall)
  4. Also, while inserting the USB cable and after insertion of USB Cable, keep holding 2 buttons. Please do not leave pressing buttons
  5. Red or Green light will be displayed on Screen
  6. If It’s Green Light on Screen, you will find a Green Android icon and Menu on Screen. With the help of Volume Up and Volume Down Button, select the option to start and than press Power button to confirm selection.
  7. If it’s Red Light blinking on Screen than follow the above procedure for 8-10 times until the phone gets charging.

This steps worked for me. I know this is silly to try it for 8-10 times, but it really works if you try it many times. If you are lucky, this might work for 2nd or 3rd attempt.  This issue happens if your Google Nexus 4 drains the full battery many times. To avoid this, try that your phone do not completely drain the full battery.


UPDATE on 4th April 2014 :

You can also try to switch between USB power and Wall-mount Electric Charger. In case above trick do not work, you may also try as in some cases it also works. try the USB charger than Electric Wall Mount Charger than again Electric charger and perform it repeatedly. The reason this trick might work is because, in many desktop and laptop, USB plug gets a bit loose, which in normal case functions perfectly, but it might not be able to bring Nexus 4 out of the hibernation. So, meanwhile switching between two power-supplies works in some case.

Also,  try avoiding your battery getting low multiple times. Frequent full battery drain is one of the probable reason why it causes the deep hibernation. So, try to keep your Nexus 4 battery level, or if the charging level is only 1% or 2% and the charing is not available to you, than please switch off your Nexus 4. Share your comments.

Nexus 4 Not Charging and Turning On and Died Suddenly – Hibernation Issue
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  1. CLARA

    I thought my phone was dead until I tried this.
    I am still getting a red light, which blinks and at times stays solid for a few seconds before it goes back to blinking. Do you know what else can I do?
    Still keeping my hopes up!!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your message Clara. You can try switching between the “Wall Mounted Power” and “USB power of Laptop/Desktop”. Switching between 3-4 times between these 2 alternative powers should work.

      If this also not work for you, than you should contact the service station. :-) Hope this works for you.

      1. CLARA

        Thank you! Did that, and also tried wireless charging. Still no response, so I’m taking it today to see if they can open it and solve it (I definitely don’t want to take the risk myself)
        Thank you for everything!!

        1. Michelle

          I couldn’t get mine to start up either, although I kept trying the suggestion multiple times. Then I realized I needed to unplug the USB charger from the phone , not leave it in and keep plugging the USB plug into the wall. It worked first time. Unplug and then reconnect the USB charger from the phone.

          1. admin Post author

            That’s cool Michelle. This is what I’m referring to switching between USB Charging and Wall Mounted Charging.

  2. Amit Goel

    This solution worked for me.. I tried with USB charger 4 times, but it didn’t work.. Then i tried with wall mounted charger. And it worked at 2nd time.. Great.. At least this worked..

  3. telemart

    obi wan kenobi you’re my only hope!!!
    Thank you or as we say in french, Merci beaucoups mon ami.
    I was ready to bring back my phone to the store (have it for 3 weeks)
    You saved me gas, time, and tears.

  4. Jim Davis

    Worked. But I did not need to remove cover.
    While charging, holding the volume and power buttons showed the “charging” icon, briefly
    One wonders whether it’s actually necessary to keep switching from USB to wall. perhaps all this does is take up some time while the phone charges. Each time you switch you waste a little of your own time. Maybe just being patient would be enough. But in any case it worked.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your message Jim and I do appreciate your efforts in writing such useful comment.

      Regarding switching between USB and wall; you are right it is not necessary every-time. You can always try the steps outlined in the post multiple times and it works most the case. But in the case, where the steps do not work, this is one probable solution which will help out. Once again, Thanks Jim.

  5. sai

    I didn’t manage to get the phone running issuing this method. But it gave me a hint. Took the phone battery out and replaced it back in and it booted up in the green android icon. Thanks for hint. I found this way faster if you have the tools. Do a search on how to replace battery for nexus 4 fir a instruction video

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for sharing Sai. We’re really glad to know about the replacement of battery and will surely do some research on it.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the message Amey. You may also try to remove your battery and replace it back. But please do some research on it before applying this. Or if you are not sure, you can take it to service station.

  6. omkar

    nothing is working with me :( no red light no green light !
    and my battery got drained and the phone switched off ! please help me ! also tell me where can i get the screw driver for the screws in nexus 4 ! thank you !

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Omkar, If your phone is in warranty period, you should take it to the service station. If not, you can remove battery and again fix it back and it might work for you. For the screw drivers, you need to do a bit research on internet about this. It will be helpful to you. But be careful, as by opening the phone, your warranty might get void. Anyway, hope for the best.

  7. Ashna

    thanks so much for the – vol and power button trick! i was about to have a mental breakdown when my phone went off randomly and wouldnt come on lol

  8. Raman

    My phone has still not worked. I dont know what to do i am in panic mode. It suddenly went dead and red light. Ive been tryign the power button and vol button thing but keeps hsowing me red light

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Raman, Thanks for your message. You may also try switching between “wall mounted power” and “USB Power from your desktop or Laptop” and try to follow the same steps. It should work. It not, you can put your nexus 4 connected with USB and keep it on charging for approx 20-30 minutes. Than again try to follow the steps. If this also not works for you, than bring it to service station.

  9. Virendra

    Thanks man. You saved ma life. Worked in first attempt and i could revive my Nexus 4 after 2 days :)

  10. Anon

    I just left it plugged into the usb (wall) for 10 minutes. the blinking red stopped and i was able to power the phone on.

  11. Ashleigh

    It worked after plugging the USB into the wall! I would never have guessed this was the problem on my own. Thank you so much!

  12. abishek

    your are my savior ……Thumbs up for your worked while switching from wall charging to usb.

  13. jayjay

    This worked to finally get my phone to turn on, however it does not stay on even though it is still plugged in and it says it has a full charge. I assume my battery is shot?

  14. Gargi

    Even I was facing the same problem .
    Thanks it worked for me . When I pressed the power button along with volume down button for about 5-7 seconds ,I got a blinking red light .Did not do anything…. it stopped on its own within 60 seconds and battery charging sign came up. Amazing :-) . After few seconds the charging sign was gone . I pressed the power buttton again and the phone started to respond . Its working fine .

  15. billy

    My phone was completely dead and would not charge. This worked for me without taking out the cover. Basically plug a 1 usb cable into a laptop and another usb cable to a wall charger. Then hold the power button on the phone continuously then rapidly alternate plugging in the usb cables until you see the phone turn on ! What a great feeling !!

  16. zakir

    Hi, Thank for the tip. But after hibernation my battery goes down really fast. Is there any solution for this.

  17. Ali

    It didn’t work with me . i’ve tried it for 15 times . But mu NEXUS 4 has red light of death because it fell down in the water so idk if that solution will help in this case or not

  18. Abhinav

    Thanks man! This worked like a charm on the first go. WTF is this Deep hibernation mode nonsense. No other OS seems to require this tomfoolery.

  19. DK

    Hi, loads of thanks.. you saved me else i was about to throw it out… thanks again for saving my cell.. it worked for me and after 2/3 attempts it showed the charging sign.. the steps were pretty clear.

  20. Anutham

    Thank you so much Admin/Author. I thought I’d bricked my phone (using AOSPA).
    At first, it won’t work with either USB charging/Wall charging. Kinda gives you a scare.
    But, switch between wall charging & USB about 2-3 times, and its back.

  21. Sayantan Das

    Thanks. This is an awesome trick. It worked the very first time. However I did not have to remove the back cover and I used usb charging.

  22. Mazin

    I have the same issue with my nexus 3 (not turning on and not charging). I could not find any answer for it on the net, tried your way for nexus 4 but did not work for me. Can any one help me with that may be …….. thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Mazin, sorry but the issue gets resolve in Nexus 4 because of the deep hibernation issue. But we have tested these steps for Nexus 4 only. So, not sure whether it will work for Nexus 3 or not.

  23. Camila

    Thanks!!! I got the red light, but waited and then it showed th picture of the battery charging, when I was able to turn it on.
    Can’t thank you enough…

  24. Apoorva

    I was in a shock when my phone suddenly went dead for no reason. But luckily , I found ur post and It worked , Thanks :)

  25. Surya

    Hi. I am facing the same problem since last night. Weird thing being that my phone went into this mode, whilst on charging (albeit on a third party charger that i have used occasionally earlier).

    However in spite of trying all the tricks above and on various other sites, I am unable to get into the BootLoader / fastboot mode where i would get the options of Start / Power off / Recovery mode etc.

    Is my phone done for?

    Tough part is that I got this from the US and hence the warranty was not valid in India and anyhow its beyond the 1 year period now.

    What are my options?


    1. admin Post author

      Sorry for that Surya. The only option available as of now is to take it to the service station. There might be some Hardware issue.

  26. chirag

    Thanks man it worked…and although I had red light it worked in just one attempt\

    Really thankful to you for writing this post….

  27. LB

    It worked like a charm the first time! As this has been a longstanding issue for me, how wonderful to have it solved finally.

  28. varun sanan

    Thanks, you’re a genius. it worked in the first go, the red light came on, I kept holding both the buttons and didn’t need to remove the case.
    But when the phone came on it was completely charged.

  29. Sindhu

    Perfect….it worked like a charm. I was really worried when my phone was unresponsive, but your post really helped. Thanks a lot :)

  30. Andrew

    Thank you! My friend’s Nexus went on deep hibernation and she’s panic. Luckily I found this article and show her. It worked and save her from trouble.

  31. Sociobuddy

    You saved my life…I can’t tell you how amazing this trick is. At first was so scared as it was not working..but after several attempts it was a wonder. Keep switching between USB and wall charger.

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