Microsoft’s Wearable Fitness Tracker Device Release Date – A Wrist Worn Microsft Device Technology

News about Microsoft Wearable Fitness Tracker Device Release Date has been originated in demand since the rumors about the Microsoft’s wearable device has been turned to more confirm news. Earlier it was predicted that Microsoft might release Microsoft Watch as a wearable device in the market to compete against Samsung and Apple. But now the news says that instead of Watch, Microsoft is keeping his eye on a Fitness Tracker Device. It is estimated that Microsoft will launch the wearable device by the end of this year only.  Most probably, Microsoft will set Microsoft Wearable Fitness Tracker Device release date in the fourth quarter of 2014 and after that Microsoft will come not only in the competition with other Smart fitness Devices but also with the Competitors like Samsung.

Microsoft's Wearable Fitness Tracker Device

A debate going on in the market that will it be the another version of Samsung Galaxy Gear or it would be different from Gear – a wearable Smart-Watch. It will also gone do follow-up the mobile devices but will have something to set itself apart from competition. Galaxy gear is a best match for Samsung Android devices. Also the sought over iWatch will most probably gone give support to iOS devices only which may be assumed from the past history of Apple. But Microsoft’s fitness tracker might gone give support for not only for Windows but also for Android and iOS. Also, these doesn’t mean that Microsoft is the only player in the multiplatform wearable device market. There are players like FitBit, Jawbone and Pebble are also available in the market for multipiatform support. But the point here is none of the competitor is too big in size to compete against the Microsoft.

Apart from assisting the Smartphone devices, this Microsoft’s wearable Smart device will go one step further. It will act as a fitness tracker in many of ways. It will also be made capable of recording data such as amount of calories Burned or the heart rate etc… Also, currently there are few health apps available in the market like Bing Health and Fitness and HealthVault. Anyhow it is not clear that will it be connected in the Microstft’s wrist band or will there be any separate app be made available to the users. Apart from these health tracking, it will also have the common functionality like fetching notifications, sending commands to Device etc.

Microsoft's Wearable Fitness Tracker Device

As the pricing is concerned, it is expected from Microsoft that it will follow the Galaxy Gear in setting up price and it is expected that Microsoft will set the price of Microsoft Wrist Band int the Price range of USD 199 to USD 299 and this should be a really an attractive price if we also consider the multi-platform support. There were two possibilities prevailing when Microsoft has decided to enter into the smart wearable devices market. One is the Google way to become the Application Brand or to become the Hardware Brand. But perhaps Microsoft has chosen to become both. Let’s see what happens when they may release any confirm news on that.

There is another reason also there to believe about the launch of wearable devices from Microsoft. The reason starts with the different patents that Microsoft has applied for. It’s in news that Microsoft has made patent application for wearable interface that lets you track runs, navigate and send text messages. Also, Vertical charge clock is part of one of the  patent. All these news confirms that Microsoft will sooner make an attempt to enter into the Fitness Tracker Device Market. Anyhow, the expected release date for this wearable device is not too far. So, let’s wait till date and let’s see what effect haapens in the smart device markets.

Microsoft’s Wearable Fitness Tracker Device Release Date – A Wrist Worn Microsft Device
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