Microsoft Cortana Release Date – Siri Clone Coming to Windows Phone 8 Technology

A plot has set for Microsoft Cortana release date with lot many excitement and cheer by Microsoft to launch the Clone of Siri in Windows. Sources confirmed that Microsoft is going to release Microsoft Cortana in the first quarter of 2014 and most probably it will be made available in April 2014 o Windows Phone with windows 8 and above. Siri is the most popular and well-known amongst the smartphone lovers and is now more than just an application of iPhone. Google is also having Google Now, which is though not at the level of Siri but works very well as a Voice enabled personal assistance application of Android. Google Now is very good in the functionality and searching capabilities, but it is not having a look and feel of Siri or you can say, it is missing a visual engagement of a Virtual Personal Assistance

Now Microsoft has also put a step to develop a voice-enabled virtual personal assistance – Microsoft Cortana for windows enabled Mobile Phones. Microsoft is planning to develop a lady version animation a personal assistance but very advanced who can understand and reply. With Cortana, Microsoft has attempted to create a whole new experience of controlling and using windows phone. Anyhow, this is not the first attempt made by Microsoft for this kind of application. Earlier, Microsoft has done this attempt with Bing, where user was saying “Bing tell me…” and Bing replies to user queries. Cortana may be a visually engaging version of this technology, but we need to see whether it will be limited to that only, or will be much more advanced in the direction of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Cortana

Earlier it was expected that Microsoft will release Cortana with smartphone with Windows 8.1. But now there is a question moving around in the market whether Microsoft is going to launch the Microsoft Cortana with Windows 8.1 or it will be there with the next version of windows. The question is fair because there is no confirm news about the launch of windows 8.1 in the market because it is still into the beta testing of windows 8.1. But the market Gurus says that Microsoft might not release the Cortana as just an update of the existing version of windows. This has a logical reason as Microsoft need to make a lot of changes in windows for the successful working of Cortana to meet consumer’s expectation. But the release of Cortana is almost confirmed in the 1st quarter of 2014. Because of these, there is a lot of buzz prevails in the market that whether Microsoft will launch Cortana with Windows 8.1 or it will be launched with newer devices only having current version of windows. We may have confirm news about this if we may have some confirm news about the successful testing complete of Windows 8.1.

As far as the look and feel is concern, Microsoft Cortana will be a circular icon in the windows. when user will speak the question, the animations will trigger for the response to queries of users. Till the time it gets response, in-stead of loading Icon, it will have something like “thinking” animation. Emotions will also be part of the animations as per the searched queries. One of the most sought-after feature of Cortana will be it’s capability to let users choose the access user wish to give to Cortana like, of Cortana can or Cannot use data, or it can use particular application or not and similarly many more. This might create a great experience for windows phone. Let’s see what happens.

Microsoft Cortana Release Date – Siri Clone Coming to Windows Phone 8
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