Meizu MX3 Ubuntu Release Date – Meizu MX3 Ubuntu verison Smartphone – Price and Specifications Technology

Meizu is going to launch the Ubuntu smartphone MX3 and hey are about to decide upon Meizu MX3 Ubuntu Release Date for their existing smartphone. Meizu MX3 is currently available in the market with the Android OS and Meizu will tweak this phone and launch with both Android and Ubuntu powered Operating System. The phone was displayed earlier in the Mobile World Congress 2014 and it is expected that Meizu is going to launch the Meizu MX3 in 2014 only. Yet not confimed by the company, but authenticated sources revealed that Meizu might release the Meizu MX3 somewhere around third quarter of 2014 and you will see an another OS in the Smartphone market competition. Along with the Chinese manufacturer Meizu, the European company BQ is also going to launch the BQ Aquaris which will be Ubuntu powered smartphone.

So, in the year of 2014, The smartphone market will start with a competition coming from the Ubuntu powered smartphones. These two phones Meeizu MX3 and BQ Aquaris are encountered among the first smartphones with Ubuntu OS. For all those who are not aware about the Ubuntu Operating System, it was earlier launched as a open-source Operating System for the Desktop and Laptop. Since last long period of time, the rumor has spread in the market that Ubuntu might have the mobile OS version for it’s the desktop Operation System version. Nut now this rumor has been converted into the fact as the Meizu and BQ has planned to launch the Ubuntu powered smartphones.

Meizu MX3 Ubuntu Smartphone

As the pricing is concerned, the Meizu MX3 will be priced around $200 to $300 in the US market. In the other markets, Meizu will most probably launch the Meizu MX3 at the comparable pricing. Also the close competitor of the Meizu, i.e. BQ Aquaris will also launch the Ubuntu powered smartphone in the same price range. Let’s have a look at features and specifications of Meizu MX3 with dual Android and Ubuntu version.

Features and Specifications of Meizu MX3 Ubuntu Version

CPU : Samsung Exynos 5410 Octa
Operating System : Dual Boot Ubuntu Touch + Android 4.4.2
Screen Size : 5.1 Inch
Screen Resolution :  1800 x 1080 pixel
Memory :  16 GB
Camera : 8MP
Battery : 2,400mAh

After reading all these information, we might wish to know what is there in the Ubuntu so that consumer should opt for. If we talk about the open-source, Android is currently available as an open-source Operating System for Mobile devices and also it is the most popular and widely used OS. SO, why do we need another OS like Ubuntu. To understand this, let’s first understand how the Ubuntu OS works for smartphones. In very simple language, Ubuntu will have basically 3 blocks of the code. One is for the devices, 2nd block is for Ubuntu and the 3rd bloc of code is for the manufacturer or the carriers from where you purchase the smartphone. So when there will be any update to be made available, it will be available with either the direct end consumers or mobile manufacturer or any concern party immediately. This is not possible with the Android. In android, users have a delay time to avail the updates.

So, if there might be some, bug, error or any software related problems, as soon as it gets resolved, it will be made available to users and Users will be safe from some unnecessary delay. Applications is the another most important factors that is currently considered for the decision making in purchase and perhaps the same reason why windows has to struggle a lot. As the Applications are concerned, the Ubuntu apps are built using QML but anyhow Ubuntu will give support to the HTML 5 and hence it will support the web apps. But any developer will want to have a plenty number of users of Operating System, before developing app for the market. So, Ubunu might have to wait bit more to have an immense number of Apps available for Ubuntu.

Perhaps this is the reason why Meizu has decided to go for the dual OS concept for Meizu MX3 and not for the only Ubuntuphones. Because perhaps Meizu knows that consumers will surely think of this factor first at the tie of making selection for their smartphone. Anyhow time will tell what will happen. Till than, let’s wait for Meizu MX3 is launched and made available in the market.

Meizu MX3 Ubuntu Release Date – Meizu MX3 Ubuntu verison Smartphone – Price and Specifications
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