Meizu MWatch Price – Meizu unveiled Smartwatch Concept Technology

Meizu has unveiled the smart-watch concept and now smartwatch lovers are curious about the Meizu MWatch Price as there is the probability for turning this concept into real-world product is high. After the unveiling the smartwatch concept by the senior management of Meizu, the authenticated sources revealed that Meizu MWatch will be priced around $ 1000 which is a in comparison to the features that are unveiled in the concept. Meizu may release the Meizu Mwatch in this year i.e. in 2014 or in the next year. Any how there is no confirm news about the release of Meizu Meatch is available. We will update as soon as we get some confirm news.

After the smartwatch releases of Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2, now  the news about smartwatch comes from the Chinese manufacturer Meizu. The mWatch concept is more like a device to wear in hand like strip rather than a complete watch. As the features and functionality is concerned, concept revealed the fully flexible 2.4 inch display with screen resolution of of 640*480 with a metal style bracelate look. Mwatch will have a 5MP Autofocus camera which is really amazing. In the other features and specifications, it will have all major features available in the Android Phone i.e. Bluetooth, wi-fi, NFC.

Meizu MWatch

In comparison with it’s current competitor Pebble, it will also support many of the Applications. Pebble is currently supporting many applications and has recently released it’s  Appstore in iTunes and Google Android Market Google Play. This has prompted developer community to develop more and more applications for the Pebble. Sam with the MWatch, it will support around the 5000 Applications. Any how, company has no plan to launch it’s own Appstore as of now, but may be in future they might plan something similar.

Meizu is currently a well established name in the smart-phone industry in China and it is having around 600 Flagship Stores in China. After reviewing the concept MWatch, it looks promising in the market. People are too excited to have such devices after looking the promising Concept, but as we discussed above, still there is a time to actually make it available in the market as a real product. Sometimes it’s rally irritating for the consumers as many company reveal their promising concept, people gets in love with the Smart-watch concept and than they disappear with the concept and we never can see the concept in the real-world. This is the keen thing that are preventing many of the consumers on going too high on the concept smart-watch.

But As the Meizu is concerned, the case might be different. Meziue is not only in the business of Smartphones, but also they are having a product lineup in the MP3 Players and Meizu is selling their MP3 Players over the globe. After tapping the Chinese market, Meizu has also planned to tap the US market and they have continued the growth by launching the high end devices in the US market. Mwatch may be the plan of their strategy. But, Meizu is also aware about the potential of the wearable device market and hence it may try to implement the concept into real world product. In this wearable device market, it has to fight against the bigger player like Samsung, Apply, Google, Sony etc. Also, Pebble may be a very very strong competitor of the Meizu, any how, the competition will truely reveal the most innovative features in the wearable products.

Though at this price, Meizu has to expect a very tough fight in the market because $1000 is quite high as compared to the competitors, but the concept is unique, so people might still be in love with Meizu MWatch. Timw will tell. Till than keep reading.

Meizu MWatch Price – Meizu unveiled Smartwatch Concept
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