Intel Jarvis Release Date – Intel’s clone of Siri and Google Now that works Offline Technology

If you have heard about Intel Jarvis, you will surely search for the Intel Jarvis Release Date which is sought not only as Intel’s headset, but it is Intel’s Clone of Siri and Google Now, but more perfect and more powerful. Intel has not officially revealed any news about the Launch Date of Intel Jarvis, but the Authenticated sources revealed that Intel Jarvis will be released by 2014 itself, and it’s release date will be somewhere near the end of 2014. With Intel Jarvis, Intel made it’s first entry in the wearable device segment and Intel made it’s showcase in the CES 2014.

Intel Jarvis is a Bluetooth headset which processes the voice command and the best thing about the Intel Jarvis is that, it works in both Online and Offline mode. Yet, Intel Jarvis works perfectly in the Offline also and this is the key differentiating point of Intel in the competition with Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Apple Siri and Google Now are also very good and they do processĀ  the voice commands very well, but the issue is that, when internet is not available, it will stop working. Now as a concept, Siri and Google Now are called personal assistant, and think of your assistant who don;t work when you do not have internet connection. In many developing countries like India, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, some countries of South Africa where internet through Mobil is not fully penitrated will have very rare or no use of Siri and Google Now. But this is not the Case with Intel as Intel’s Jarvis will process your voice commands even if you are not connected with Internet.

Intel Jarvis Headset

One of the reason why Siri and Google Now are not that much powerful as Intel Jarvis is that they process the command through internet. When you give any command to Siri or Google Now, it will first transmit this command through internet which will consume some time and than they respond back to the user which also consume some more time. This is not a case with Intel Jarvis as it will process this commands offline and hence it is more powerful than all alternatives available in the market.

Intel jarvis Smart Charging Bowl

When paired with any Smartphone, the battery of Intel Jarvis is expected to last around 1 full day. Jarvis can Play Music, Set Calendar, set timings, change phone settings and many more things just on your voice command. One of the most interesting thing that will happen with Intel Jarvis is when you need to charge it. Intel is having a wireless charging bowl available with the Intel Jarvis is that You just have to drop Jarvis into wireless charging bowel and that bowl will charge Intel Jarvis. Isn’t this amazing.

This is what it can do offline, so, imagine how powerful Jarvis might be when it well be connected to internet. In online mode, Intel Jarvis can do a lot of things and among such amazing things, Jarvis can also co-ordinate with other Virtual assistants like siri and Google Now. About the availability of such amazing device Jarvis, Intel is planning to collaborate with other smartphone manufacturer and is currently trying to sell this technology to them. But hopefully, they will make the Jarvis available in the market by end of the current year, 2014. Anyhow, we have to wait till date. Let’s see what happens. Till than, keep reading our blog…



Intel Jarvis Release Date – Intel’s clone of Siri and Google Now that works Offline
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