How to Zoom In Zoom Out Google Maps with One Finger on Smartphone – GMaps Gesture with One and Two Finger How-Tos

Have you ever wondered how you can Zoom In and Zoom Out Google Maps with only one finger on your Smartphone, than we have answer for you. Along with this read in this blog about various other Google Maps Gesture on your smartphone in this post. Now a days, smartphones are coming with bigger and bigger screen sizes and now a days devices are available in the market with the screen size greater than 4-4.5 inch. This has made it somewhat difficult to hold device with one hand and use two fingers of the hands to use smartphone. We know that we can use two fingers to pinch the Map and Zoom in and Zoom Out. But is it Possible to do it with one hand only? Yes it is possible.

How to Zoom In with one Finger or Thumb

It’s very simple. Double Tap your Screen to Zoom In the Gmaps.

How to Zoom Out with one Finger or Thumb

zoom out google maps with one finger

To Zoom In the Google Maps with one finger is very Simple and most popular that everybody knows about it. But what people don’t know popularly is How to Zoom Out the Google Maps with only one Finger or Thumb. It is also easy, Follow this step:

1. Double Tap the Map

2. Now at the Time of Second Tap, don’t leave your finger from the screen. Keep it on the Screen.

3. Immediately move your finger in upward direction. By this  gesture, you can Zoom Out in Google Map on your smartphone or tablet.

You need to take caution while using this gesture about the timings. Don’t keep much time between  1st and 2nd tap. Also, Keep caution for NOT to keep a delay between the 2nd tap and moving the finger upward direction. If there might be any of the above mentioned delay, it will move whole map upward and not the Zoom Out. This might take some sort of practice if you are first time applying this trick to Zoom Out the Google Maps, But, if you try it 5-10 times, you will definitely find it easier and much more interesting.

Now let’s have a look at some other Gestures supported by Google Maps:

To Rotate Google Maps : Use two Fingers. Keep One Finger at any place on Map and move 2nd finger in a curved manner. This will rotate the Google Maps according to the direction of the movement of finger.

Zoom Out : Along with the trick mention above, you can also give a try to double tap with two fingers on screen. Put your two fingers together on screen two times and it will also zoom out the Google Maps. Also the well known trick of pinching the Map with two fingers also works well.

Zoom In: Zoom In Google Map is very much easy. Either double tap on map or just pinch in the Map to Zoom In..

To Tilt Map : Kepp your two fingers in Map area and drag them from upward down in parallel.  This will make the Google Map Tilted and you will be able to see the angled view of the Map. Also you can move fingers Down to up to make the angle as it was.

Hope these tricks will increase your convenience to use your smartphone and will increase your user experience to use your smartphone. Enjoy the trick.

How to Zoom In Zoom Out Google Maps with One Finger on Smartphone – GMaps Gesture with One and Two Finger
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