How to Translate Photo Text using Camera – Amazing Lumia Trick How-Tos

There is an amazing trick in Nokia Lumia windows phone using which you can Click and translate Photo text using camera and translate it into various languages. Isn’t this amazing? Yes, you can do it with your own Nokia Lumia Device. You can scan any text written on a paper, image, Bar Code, QR Code or any thing, Lumia will recognize this and will convert it into text. Not only it will recognize the text content, it will also translate the text to various other languages, like, if you have scanned text in French or Germany, it will automatically be translated to English, Japaneses and many more languages. Let’s see how this is possible.

Translate Photo Text using Camera

This can be done through a Camera App available on Lumia – Bing Vision. Bing Vision is an App which will take the camera of your Nokia Lumia to an another height. Please note that the application will require an Internet Connection to scan and recognize the text. This will convert your phone into OCR (Optical Character Recognition) device. Take Follow the steps to scan and translate the text.

Steps to Scan and Translate Text from Picture :

1. Take a Paper (or any other object) with the text written on it
2. Now Go-to Bing Vision Application
3. Select the Search Page and find the Vision Icon on Search page
4. Press the Vision Icon this will turn-on the Camera.
5.  Now Keep the Paper(or any other Object) in front of the Camera
6. Scan the Paper. As soon as the App will recognize the text from the Scanned image, “Scan Text” button will be enabled
7. Press the “Scan Text” button. This will click the image and recognize the text from the image
8. Now click on Translate button and choose your language to translate your text.

Bing supports up-to 39 different languages to translate the text as of now and they are adding more and more languages, so in near future you will get a longer list of languages to translate from. Also, there is an option to copy all the text, with which you can copy the text from the image to your clipboard and from there, you can paste it to your notepad or any other application you want. In our experiment, we noted that this is though not running with 100% accuracy, it is around 70-80% accurate. Anyhow, at this error ration, it is still promising and amazing. If you find some minor errors than you can try capturing photo at different angle which will be helpful in scanning the text with more accuracy.

Though this is enabling the OCR facility of the Lumia Smart Phone, it is a one step forward in direction to connecting the real world with imaginary world. Currently, In technology world, there are constant efforts going on in augmenting the Physical world into virtual world and this is seen as a future. For that, this is just a very small step. There are also some OCR softwares and devices available in the market and they do recognize the text, but the Bing Vision is quite different. It has gone one step further and connected this with the Internet World. Anyhow the limitation to Bing Vision is that it is not able to recognize the handwriting, and only recognize the printed or typed text. Anyhow, it is good enough to enjoy!!!

How to Translate Photo Text using Camera – Amazing Lumia Trick
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