How to Find Parked Vehicle using Android Phone – Find Parked Car, Bike Using Android How-Tos

It always happen with us when we park Our Car or Bike or any other vehicle and if the Parking lot is quite big, you will always wonder on how to find parked vehicle and using Android Phone you can find your Parked Vehicle. Now a Days, Smartphones have become our daily need and smartphones have solved many of our problems. When it is about the Android, it has almost changed the scenario, and so many apps available in the Android Marketplace that helps us to improve our lifestyle. There is also one more solution that will gone solve on of our big problem. Now, you can also find your Parked Vehicle using your android Smartphone. Let’s see, how you can do it.

How to Find Parked Vehicle using Android Phone

There is an Application named “Auto Finder” who can help you out. Even, you need not to manually mark the place where you parked the vehicle, and the app will automatically decide where you have parked the vehicle. Simply Go to Google Play store, Search “Auto Finder” and Download & install the Application in your android powered smartphone. You will find many similar App in the search result but te Best Application that will help you out is the Auto Finder by “keyboardr”. Let’s understand the Logic how it will find your parked Vehicle.

Logic for How to find your Parked Vehicle using Android Smartphone :

When you are normally driving a Car or Bike or any of your vehicle, you are driving your vehicle at some regular speed. Though your driving speed may vary depending upon the situation and the traffic available on the road, but utmost, it will have some speed, which will tell you that it is running. Now when you park your vehicle, you will spend some time in parking and your speed will be a bit less and you will spend a bit more time in your parking lot. Now when you start walking, your speed of walking will be a bit slower than your speed in the vehicle. So, in summary, you will fist move at fast speed, than stay at some place with speed almost equal to zero, and than you will start moving much slower. That’s it, App has got its logic to mark the place as a parking spot.

Also, if you find that your location is not so perfect, there is always an option to mark the parking place manually. Mark the place means that you will see a mark point on the Map which will depict that you have parked your vehicle at this place. The application is using the GPS of your smartphone to detect the place. It also uses the Google Map to integration of Maps and the marking purpose. Now, we all know that, Google Map is perfect on the street level view and is not so perfect for the places inside the street. But amazingly, this works perfect in this App. The Application will detect your location with great perfection.

There is an option to keep the application always on and it will detect the parking lot automatically. Now as the issue of battery has been seriously faced by the Android users, and hence you will also be worried about battery when you will turn this application always on. But you should not to worry. We have tested this application and found that by keeping this application constantly On for 10 Hours, it will use only 2% of battery which is really amazing.

Anyhow, if you still are worried about the battery life, still there is an option to turn the application close and mark the location manually. Also, one thing to note is that, though it has very good perfection, it has some drawback. As per the logic of the App, the Logiv will go wrong when you face very serious traffic on the road. Think of the case, where you stuck in very serious traffic while driving at very high speed. In this case, the App will detect the pace where you stuck as the parking place, which in turns wrong marking. Apart from this very nice way to identify your parked Vehicle. Hope this will also be helpful to you also.



How to Find Parked Vehicle using Android Phone – Find Parked Car, Bike Using Android
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