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If you are searching for how you can download or backup Gmail and restore it to any Gmail Account (Gamil Back taken from another account), than your search has come to an end. Gmvault is perhaps the best tool that allows you to backup all your Gmail files to your local hard-disk in you computer. Gmail i not only used for personal use and many companies use their Gmail for business purpose and many people use Gmail to exchange important stuff and files. Also, people are aware that internet is highly vulnerable to hacking attacks and hence, there’s always a chances of loosing this important data.

Also, many a times happens that a person holds more than 1 Gmail account or they wish to use newer Gmail ID. The best way is to take backup of all your Gmail data to your local hard-disk and restore it to any Gmail Account you want. Anyhow, it’s not that tough to implement. It’s very easy and follow the simple steps described here.

Steps to take Backup of Gmail

1. Log-in to your Gmail Account. Go-to Settings.

2. Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab in Settings.

3. Select “Enable POP for all mail” and “Enable IMAP for all mail” and press “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

By following above 3 stages, you have allowed your Gmail Account to forward your emails to outside Gmail.

4. Now Go-to GMVault website —> Select your operating System and Download the GMVault of you required OS version.

5. Install the GMVault

6. Run the GMVault, it will open the command window.

Gmvault backup and restore gmail

7. Use “gmvault -h” command for any kind of help with GMVault.

8. Prior to use any Google Account to sync and take backup, you need to first authenticate that account to be accessed by GMVault.

9. For this you can either use OAuth token or you can generate “an applicationi-specific password for Gmvault”

10. To generate this; Go-to 2step verification of account, enable it select to generate Application-Specific Password. This will generate Application Specific Password for GMVault. Also, Authorise GMVault from Gmail to grant access.

11. Alternatively, you can use  XOAuth authentication

12. The XOAuth token is stored in $HOME/.gmvault or %HOME% (c:\users\MYUSER). you can go to this path and also edit your token.

Grant Access from Gmail

13. No Go-to command Window and enter the commnd without comma “gmvault syns” where inplace of “” use your Gmail Account.

14. Take care of following commands of GMVault:

“gmvault sync –h”  –  access sync help, type
“gmvault sync [Your Gmail ID]” – Sync your gmail account , type
“gmvault restore -h” – Get help on restoring commends, type
“gmvault restore [Your Gmail ID]” – Restore your gmail mails from pc to account, type

15. Once you have authorised the GMVault enter command “gmvault sync [Your Gmail ID]” and press enter

16. GMVult will start syncing the Gmail and will take backup of all your e-mails to your local hard-disk on your specified path.

17. Now to restore your emails, write “gmvault restore [Your Gmail ID]” and press enter. i your email ID, enter the new Gmail ID where you wish to restore all your emails. Also authenticate this Gmail ID for access of GMVault as described earlier. Thsi command will scan and restore all your emails to your Gmail ID.

You can also encrypt and save your emails from Gmail. Hope this may solve many of your problems. We know that this is a bit lengthy process but it’s really a useful and works perfectly. But be careful during the whole process as this is a long process and any of your mistake may lead to confuse you. Also, now a days desktop and laptop devices are not too personal and 1 laptop/desktop will be accessed by many persons. In this case, you surely need to take care that your personal data should not be there in hand of other persons. Anyhow, it is more secure rather than not taking backup at all. Enjoy the trick!!!

How To Download Gmail Backup and Restore It To Any Account – Gmvault – Best Tool for Gmail Back-up
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