How to Capitalize All Text of paragraphs using Keyboard Shortcut in MS WORD How-Tos

If you are wondering how you can capitalize all text of paragraph or multiple paragraph using the Keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Word than we have answer for you question. With this shortcut in MS Word, you can either capitalize all the text in the paragraph or you can convert all the text into smaller letter or you can capitalize only first letter of each word from the selection. Let’s have a look how you can do this.


Keyboard Shortcut to convert all text into capitalize or normal or First letter of each word capital

The Keyboard Short-cut is “SHIFT + F3”

  • For Windows : Shift + F3
  • For Mac : Shift + fn + F3

To use this shortcut follow the steps mentioned over here.

1. Select a paragraph or multiple paragraph or a block of a text you wish to change the “Case” of the text.

2. Let’s assume that all the text you have selected is in the lower case.

3. Now, after making selection, Press Shift + F3

4. At first, it will make “First Letter of Each Word” in to Capital Letters and the rest letters will be small letters.

5. Now again hit the “Shift + F3”, this will make all the text into Capital Letter for the selected block of text.

6. Now if you again pressĀ  “Shift + F3” in MS Word and it will convert all the text into small letter.

Capitalize All Text of paragraphs using Keyboard Shortcut in MS WORD

So in this way, it has three sequence you need to press Shift + F3 three times and it will show you different options to make words either all capital, all small or only First letter of each word in capital letter. This shortcut key is for Mac is Shift + fn + F3 and you can perform all the task in Mac just by pressing Shift + fn + F3, instead of Shift + F3.

It is very obvious when you have to type a long paragraph, you will not take care for making the word formatting. Or there are sure shot chances that there might be some errors when you type the whole long paragraph. Also, when you have prepare a thesis of a project report or you have to prepare some white paper, obviously you need to search on internet for many things and you need to copy paste various paragraphs from the internet and combining all those paragraphs, you have to prepare a final report. Microsoft Word is the most popular tool for preparing such reports but it will not be that all the paragraphs that you copy-pasted from internet will have same formatting. They will differ side-by-side and from some of the cases some paragraphs will be all caps, some of them are all small and some of them will have mix of these.

In this case, don’t correct each and every paragraph separately. Just select all the text and press “Shift + F3” this will convert all the text into small letters and than you can format the text accordingly. There are other options available in MS word that will help you to format further, but unfortunately, they are not available with the help of Keyboard Short-cut. This extra options are as follows:

  • Changing First letter of each “StatementĀ  (not word)” into capital letter.
  • Toggle Cases : Convert the Lower Case letters into Upper Case letters and Upper Case letters into Lower Case letters

Change Case in MS Word

For this, Go-to Home Tab into MS word and find the “Change Case” Icon. with help of these Icons, you can change the formatting of cases in the text as per your requirements, and this will save lot of your time. Hope this will save many of your time in formatting text in MS office. Enjoy!!!

How to Capitalize All Text of paragraphs using Keyboard Shortcut in MS WORD
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