Google’s Self Driving Car Release Date – Google Chauffeur based Driverless Car Technology

Rumors about Google Chauffeur based Driverless Car, i.e.  Google’s Self Driving car release date was spreading in the market from last few times and last year, i.e. in 2013 it was saying that Google’s Self Driving Cars will be available in the market within 3-5 years. But now scenario has been changed a bit. Authenticate sources reveal that Google’s Self Driving cars release date will be set in 2020 and in 202 we can buy Google’s Self Driving Car. The main reason for this is Google still has to work a lot more for detecting moving objects and specifically in a case where different moving objects are moving with different rules on a very small area. This will make a challenge for Google and team has to work a lot for this to have a fully self Driving car which require no human intervention.

Now Let’s have a detailed look at what this Self driving car is all about. This project by Google is all about developing a technology automatons car which is operated by automation without requirement of human intervention. Google Chauffeur is a software platform based on which this project is based and cars are powered by this platform. The progress is quite good for this project and it can now more than just a navigation for from and To address. Now it can detect hundreds of objects which includes pedestrians, buses, a stop sign held up by a crossing guard and many more. The even more interesting thing is that it can now detect many of a gestures like, gestures of a bicyclist for turn. The interesting thing is that since it’s start from 2012, it has now successfully completed more than 700,000 miles of testing without any breaking and without any human intervention. Just there was one crash incident back in 2012 till date.

Google's Self Driving Car

This Project is currently being tested on Toyota Prius, Audi TT, Lexus RX450h where in each car there is a driver seat available and car is being driven automatically and if driver feels any need, he can manually control the car. These cars will have approximately around US $1,50,000 including Laser Radar System (LIDAR) and the range finder mounted on the top of a car is a 64-beam laser. This Laser helps in generating 3D map of its environment. After this, car combines this image with the high resolution world map and as a result it generates various data which helps in driving the cars.

Google thinks that their team needs to do a lot of work and they are in no immediate plan of commercializing this car and they will at-least wait next 2-5 years for  it’s launch, and most probably it will get launched in 2020 as a perfect commercial product. Also, one concern is that this technology concept is way ahead for the current laws and regulations we have in almost all countries and hence we need to improve the laws to have such technology available in all countries. This project was started back in 2009 as a concept and the early life of a project was spent in California highway and now it has expanded to many more cities in the US.

Google's Self Driving Car

Google’s Driverless car is quite more successful on highways but it is facing more difficulties when it’s about cities. But, if everything goes well, it will surely gone be much more helpful for mankind. Especially think of a defense projects where it can give a whole new directions. Google has also implemented many more sensors and many more techniques that detect many moving objects, road signals, signs and many more. It also detects future possible turn and movement with the help of gestures. Anyhow a time to go and we may expect a many more features to come for this technology concept of self driving car.

Google’s Self Driving Car Release Date – Google Chauffeur based Driverless Car
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