Google Now on Mac, Windows, Chromium OS via Chrome Canary Technology

Search ends for all those who were finding the Google Now on Mac or Google Now on Windows or any other desktop OS. Finally Google Now showed up in Chrome Canary and now, people who loved Google Now on Android can also use Google Now on Desktop and Laptop devices. Users who are currently logged in the Google chrome can avail the Google Now Services through latest Google Chrome Build Chrome Canary. If you are wondering on how to use Google Now on windows, Mac or any other of your desktop operating System, just follow the following simple steps:

Steps to have Google Now on Mac, Windows, Chromium OS and other Desktop OS

Google Chrome Flags

  1. Sign-In to Google Chrome using your Gmail ID
  2. Write “chrome://flags” in your URL bar of Google Chrome
  3. You can see list of all available flags
  4. Find “Google Now Mac, Windows, Chrome OS” Flag
  5. Simply Enable this Flag and click on “Relaunch Now”
  6. Your Google Chrome will be relaunched¬†and That’s It.
  7. Google Now NotificationNow Go-to your System Notification Tray, you shall be able to See ¬†Google Chrome’s Icon
  8. If that Icon doesn’t appear Click on Customize, and manually add the Google Chrome Notifications.

Now are enabled to view the Google Now Cards on your Windows and Mac devices. Also, from the System Notification tray, you can turn on and turn off the Google Now notifications.

Also, please note that as of now, you would not be able to see all the Google Now cards on your desktop that you can see on your mobile devices. You will notice that this version of Google Now for desktop devices is a sub-set of Google Now on mobile. Anyhow, Google Now Cards on desktop are still pretty good to include options for Weather, Sports, traffic, event reminders etc.

Google Now Cards for Desktop

If we talk about the weather and traffic information, Google Now cards on windows will avail you all these information from the location of your mobile device. But this is reasonable as you can reasonably think that Google chrome will have limitations on detecting your location. What-so-ever reason may be, We have tested the Google Now Cards on our desktop devices including Mac, windows and Chromium OS, ant it’s just awesome. Hope you all will like this.

Google Now on Mac, Windows, Chromium OS via Chrome Canary
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