Google Handwriting Recognition – Handwriting Input Tool for Gmail and Google Docs How-Tos

If you are looking for Google Handwriting Recognition Tool than you can find it in Gmail and Google Docs. There is Hndwriting Input Toll for Gmail and Google Docs which not only supports English language but also supported various languages. With the help of this Input tool, you can write an email with your handwriting and Google will recgnize your handwriting and you will be enabled to send an email with the recognized handwriting.

If you have your trackpad to write in your own handwriting than it’s great otherwise, input from your mouse will also be sufficient. This is the best tool if you are trying to learn any foreign language and you wish to practice the foreign Phrase, than perhaps this is the best method to make your practice more accurate. For this, first you need to enable the Handwriting Input Option and than Just simply start writing.¬† Very Simple. Follow this steps to have Handwriting Inputs in Gmail and Google Docs :

Steps to Use Handwriting Input Tool in Gmail and Google Docs

1. In Gmail, Go to Settings (From the Gear ICON on Top-right)
2. Click on Languages
3. In Settings, go-to General Tab
4. In General, the first Option will be of Languages
5. In Languages Section, Click on “Show All Language Options”
6. Check on “Enable input tools¬†– Use various text input tools to type in the language of your choice”. Check this option and a pop-up will appear with Input Tools

Google Hanwriting Input Tool Selection
7. By default, Input tool will be On, if not Turn it On from Top Button.
8. In this screen, you will find All Input Tools and that to in various Languages
9. The option with Pen Icon in front of the languages is the Handwriting Input Tool Option
10. You can select all your convenient Options from the left and move it to right to select input Tools.
11. You can also change the order of the input Tool as per your requirements.
12. Clock on OK. and Click on “Save Changes” from the bottom options
13. Now, come to the Gmail Screen. Here in Top-right (besides the Gear ICON) you will find an option for languages and Inputs.

Google Handwriting Input Tool
14. Select Handwriting option from here and that’s it. Start typing in your handwriting.

Google Handwriting Recognition

There are various Handwriting Recognition tools and software available in the market, but if you have noted them, they all have one common limitation that they support one or at max 2 to 3 languages. Most of them supports English only. Some other tools have extended their arm to support various other languages like Chinese, Japaneses, Hindi etc. But with this, you will be provided with the many more languages. If you have carefully noted the option that are available at the time of choosing the input methods, you will gladly find a whole list of many languages. In my personal experience, all this are just perfect.

Earlier I gave chance to various other online tools and software, but I found none of them too perfect in detecting the handwriting. Personally, my handwriting is not so good, but at-least not that much bad that all those tools should word hard. All those tools works if and only if your handwriting is awesome. I found that Google has improved a lot in this case. Google can detect the handwriting in most of the cases perfectly. Though it goes wrong sometimes, but for an average handwriting, this is the only perfect tool that any-body should use for Handwriting recognition.

Google Handwriting Recognition – Handwriting Input Tool for Gmail and Google Docs
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