Fast Battery Drain Issue on Nexus 5 – Solution for Google Nexus 5 Android Phone Technology

Since I purchased my Google Nexus 5, I was suffering from fast battery drain issue on Nexus 5 and also I was bit worried about as it was draining too rapidly. I also did a bit research on internet and gone through various stuff and many posts, but I got answers like keeping Data off, reducing brightness etc… and other many such routine answers but, frankly none of them worked. Frankly, I was bit dissatisfied with the issue and also I was bit dissatisfied with all those posts on internet which gives such stereotyped answers. But finally my search found it’s destination and it reach to the end. This motivated me to share the solution that I got with all those who are also fighting with this issue. Have a look at it.

Google Nexus 5 Battery Drain Issue

First of all, let me tell you the root cause of the issue in Google Nexus 5 and what is the reason that Google’s android phone Nexus 5 was draining the battery too fast. The answer came from Google itself as Google took this matter seriously and reported that they are working on the issue.

Reason (Cause) for the Fast Battery Drain in Google Nexus 5 :

In Nexus 5, the battery drains too rapidly because of the high CPU Usage by “mm-qcamera-daemon”. On the Qualcomm CPU a camera process “mm-qcamera-daemon”  is running in the background and make the persistant use of the CPU which inturn causes the high CPU Usage in the Nexus 5. As, it is very well known that as the CPU Usage will increase, the energy requirement of the CPU will also increase which interns increases the battery consumption rate. This will finally lead to rapid battery drain of the Nexus 5.

Now let’s understand what this “mm-qcamera-daemon” process is. This is a process that is responsible for the camera usage and all the applications need to use camera, uses this process from the Qualcomm CPU. Now even though you have not used the camera, many of your installed applications which require to use the camera, will run this process in background. So, if you wonder that you have not turned-on the camera and still your battery drains rapidly on Nexus 5, than the combine effect of all these applications will make your battery drains too fast on your devices. Example of one such application is SKYPE which uses the camera as a back-end process. So, even if you are not making the Call on SKYPE, but as soon as the SKYPE is running in the background, it will make use of the process in the back-ground. As the number of application (using camera) are running in the background increases, the rate of your battery drain increases rapidly.

As we have understood the the cause or the reason of the fast battery drain on the Google Nexus 5, now let’s have a look at the possible solution for this fast battery drain issue.

Solution for Fast Battery Drain Issue in Google Nexus 5

It is reported by Google that, it is working on the issue and they will come with the update with the solution of this issue very soon. But, they have not revealed about any deadline about where they will release this update. S, very first way is to wait till Google releases the fix of this issue. Till the Time Google releases the fix to this issue, there are few tips that will help us in fighting with this issue. Let’s have a look at them:

Solution 1: Kill all the processes running in the background. For this, Go to “Apps” and select “Cached Processes”. You can stop All the processes which will lead to reduce the battery consumption.

Solution 2: Reboot the device – You may reboot your Google Nexus 5 that will automatically kill all your background processes. Also, do not set “Turn on at device start-up” for any of your application, and if you have selected this option for any of the application, please turn it off.

Solution 3: Uninstall all the applications that are using the Camera. I know that this is not very likable solution, but, if above 2 solutions do not work much effectively for you, you need to than uninstall applications which are making use of Camera in background e.g. SKYPE.

This Solutions has worked perfectly for me. Hope this also works for you. Enjoy the Solution!!!

Fast Battery Drain Issue on Nexus 5 – Solution for Google Nexus 5 Android Phone
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