Dual OS Tablet Transformer Book Duet Release Date – Android and Windows Dual OS in a Tablet Technology

Finally, your search ended for the Dual OS tablet – Transformer Book Duet release date as Asus confirmed that Asus Transformer Book Duet will be released in March 2014 in US Market. This is the official announcement from the Asus and it you will see the Dual OS tablets in the market very soon. Soon after the launch of this Dual OS tablet in the US market, it will be launched worldwide very soon. After Mac, Android and Windows both had created their separate Target Segment in the market. Though slow, but windows has started gaining the popularity and now a specific group of people arise in the Market who like both Android and Windows and they are bit confuse about which device to go with. The search for them has come to an end as Asus has planned to launch the OS that runs both Android and Windows on one single tablet.

Asus Transformer Book Duet is a 13.3 inch tablet device which is not only a dual device but also a 4-in1 device. It’s Android Tablet, Windows Tablet and Windows Laptop and Android Laptop. Yes, This is true it’s Android and Windows Laptop also, as it will also be available in folding mode where you can use this device as either tablet or laptop. The Transformer Book Duet is powered by Intel’s Haswell CPU with the storage starting from 64 GB. It will also have the options of processors up-to i& at the top-end. It will take around three and a half second for the device to switch over from Android and Windows. What Intel really trying is to make the switching between both the OS rapidly.

Dual OS Tablet

At a first look, this device will look like a typical windows 8 laptop, but it is portable and can easily be converted into tablet. This hybrid devise has an 1920 x 1080 screen-resolution and two different operating systems are handled by two different processors. The tablet which is equipped on the hybrid device is powered by a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 processor, while the keyboard docking portion will have different varient for processors and it will come with a Core i7-4500U Haswell chip as the top model. It will also support the Ethernet, USB, and DisplayPort.

On the Tablet portion, the device will have a 19WH battery which approximately last up-to 15 hours while keyboard Dock will have a battery of a 33WH cell, which company claims to run upto approximately 6 Hours. Now let’s see among the Microsoft and Google, who is more happier with such kind of Device. If we talk about the Microsoft, it might not be that much happier because, this will directly affect the sell of  Microsoft Surface and also it will compete against the Laptops Powered by Microsoft.

Asus Transformer Book Duet

If we consider the Google, it will certainly be happy with such kind of devices as the main objective of Google is to reach as many people as possible. And Google will always be in benefit as soon as people are using the Android Apps what so ever may be the device. As the pricing is concerned, the Price of the Transformer Book Duet – Dual OS tablet will start at US $ 599 and will vary depending upon the variant of the device. Though this device has created a lot of curiosity, the question still remains is do market will really have a need for such kind of Dual OS tablets. Time will say the answer. Till than, let’s wait and see what happens.

Dual OS Tablet Transformer Book Duet Release Date – Android and Windows Dual OS in a Tablet
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