Chevrolet LTE Equipped Cars Launch Date – AT&T 4G LTE Speed in Cars 2015 Automobile News

Chevrolet plans to launch 4G LTE in Cars and Chevrolet LTE Equipped Cars Launch Date will be in 2015 which is confirmed by both Chevrolet and AT&T. Chevrolet has tied up with AT&T and together both the companies will release 4G LTE equipped Cars. The authenticated sources revealed that Chevrolet is about to launch the 4G LTE equipped cars in first quarter of 2015 and most probably we might be able to see these Cars with high speed internet connections in March or April of 2015 on road. Earlier the news was about the integration of Android System in cars dashboard and you will be able to use many useful apps specifically for cars. but the question remained let at there was, what to do with android without an Internet Connection. Perhaps this is the answer of Chevrolet to support the integration of Android in cars with high speed data connectivity.

At the Consumer Electronic Show, Chevrolet announced that in 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, Malibu, and Volt will be amongst the first models of General Motors who will have this 4G high speed internet connections. long with this, they are also in plan to develop many more in Vehicle Applications which will be very very helpful to both Drivers and Passengers. We may assume that this move of Chevrolet will be helpful for bringing the concept of Super Cars into Reality. After the successful collaboration of Automobile Technology, Information Technology and Communication Technology, there will be many more new technology wonders will come true on roads which are currently assumed as a concept of Super Car. So this is just first step in the direction.

Chevrolet LTE Equipped Cars

The interesting part of this collaboration is an AppShop. This AppShop will have many more applications which will be build basically on HTML5 and also android is the core. They are also inviting many developers to develop an application that specifically made for cars. This AppShop will be accessible from MyLink. In MyLink there will be an ICON of AppShop, from where, you will be able to access AppShop directly. MyLink is a Part of OnStar which is a subsidary of General Motors. Current services offered by OnStar includes remote door unlock, stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle diagnostics, automatic crash response and hands-free calling.

This 4G LTE supported Cars will have 4G LTE hot-spot which will create a wi-fi hotspot within your car and it is assumed that this wi-fi hotspot will be much more strong than your regular 3G/4G internet connection in your smartphone. With this wi-fi hotspot, you can connect any of your device i.e. Laptop, Tablets, mobiles, PDAs and many more who supports the wi-fi connections. also, you can connect multiple devices at a time with this WI-fi hotspot.

The amazing thing is that you need not to purchase any extra data connection if you are already AT&T customer. If you are existing AT&T customer, you will need to add vehicle in your existing Data Plan. If you are a new customer, you can always purchase a new data connection specifically for the car only. In short, this means that whether you are a driver or passanger, your ride will gone be exciting which is for sure. People are eagerly awaiting for the 4G LTE equipped cars to have on road but any how they need to wait for 2015 for that. Let’s see what happens when we will really see this concept on Road.

Chevrolet LTE Equipped Cars Launch Date – AT&T 4G LTE Speed in Cars 2015
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