Blackphone Release Date and Price of Encrypted Android phone with PrivatOS Technology

Geeksphone has set a plot to decide upon the Blackphone Release date and price after showcasing the encrypted Blackphone at at the Mobile World Congress. Most probably, Blackphone is the first Android Phone in the world who is talking about the security and privacy. A Spanish Hardware manufacturer ‘Geeksphone’ and a leading software solution provider ‘Silent Circle’ joined their hands to come-out with the most secured android phone. They have created a customized version of Android OS and named it “PrivatOS” The pre-booking of a Blackphone has already started on their website and People can pre-book their Blackphone from there. Anyhow, Blackphone will officially released in June – 2014 and it will be start Shipping from June. So, after creating too many curiosity in the market, we may expect a Blackphone in coming June in the hands of smartphone lovers.


Currently BlackPhone is available to pre-book at the US $ 629 for unlocked Blackphone. Any-how after the launch of Blackphone it will also be available with carrier and plan to choose for. Anyhow, we need to see whether the price of Blackphone will remain to this level, even after the launch of the phone or they will increase the price of Blackphone. Blackphone is a rare mix of the most poppular Android operating system and a complete suite of privacy-enabled applications. The main aim behind the concept of Blackphone is to avail users control over their communications activities on phone. Blackphone has customised the Android-os and created their own version of Android which encrypts texts, voice calls and video chats. And with this they aim to tap the It aims to tap into the market for mobile security management (MSM) products.  Let’s have a look at the key features and specification of a Blackphone.

Features and Specifications of a Blackphone:

  • Processor :  2GHz quad-qore
  • Display : 4.7-inch HD
  • Operating System : PrivatOS
  • RAM : 2GB
  • Memory : 16GB
  • Camera : 8-megapixel

Customization done in the Blackphone replaces some of the basic communication Applications and encrypted VoIP calls and Silent texting which is one of the major update. Also, there will be an Application that will block apps from scrubbing users’ virtual Phonebook. There will be one another application named “SpiderOak” that is basically a plan for 5GB of “zero-knowledge encrypted data backup.” Also, the search users make on Google and Bing and other search engines with the Disconnect search provider. This means that they routes internet queries through an anonymous VPN client to secure USer’s search habit.

Anyhow, Users need to enroll their devices in the services to avail this peer-to-peer encryption. Blackphone comes with two years of service for all the encrypted apps. For those who are not using a Blackphone, the company has made all these encrypted applications available on android app marketplace Google Play and on iTunes for iOS to download with paid subscriptions. From this step of company we may assume that company is not planning to compete with the other smartphone manufacturer in the market, but they directly would like to tap the security application market. Anyhow, Blackphone users are given three additional one-year licenses to these application security suite they can give to their friends. This clearly depicts the company’s strategy to Tap the market.

Company should remember that the Blackphone is not the first encrypted smartphone in the market. Earlier also many companies attempted for simillar segment including the Cryptophone by German firm GSMK. Also, we should not forgot about what happened with BlackBerry. But hopefully we hope that Blackphone might change the history as this time the game is a bit different. Let’s wait till June to see what happens next.

Blackphone Release Date and Price of Encrypted Android phone with PrivatOS
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