Audi Converted Audi Phone Box into Qi Wireless Charging – Debut at CES 2014 Automobile News

At the CES 2014, Audi also make his presence by making debut of the Audi Qi wireless charging and converted Audi Phone Box into the Qi wireless charging. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, under Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Audi release the concept of the Qi Wireless Charging and this will be made available to the users in this year only. In the production batch in 2014, Audi will integrate this debuted technology and hence we will enjoy this latest technology soon.

In back 2012, Audi has first introduced the Audi Phone-box to the market. It was in the consideration of the growing usage of the smartphones and the inconvenience of the people to use or store the smartphone while driving. The Pone Box became quite successful concept and now Audi has used this concept to a next level and updated it with the Qi Wireless Charging. This is a very simple technology concept. The floor of the Phone Box in the Audi has been made electric and it is an electricity transmitter. The Smartphone like Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 and many other smartphones are having the receiver coil. With the help of the induction process, the electricity will be passed from the transmitter of the Phone Box surface to the receiver of the induction coil in your smartphone. This will ultimately charge your smartphone without connecting it with any wire.

Audi Converted Audi Phone Box into Qi Wireless Charging

This will make sure that Your Phone will be fully charged. Also, Audi is having the WLAN hotspot support within the car for multiple devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops etc… One question was raised that this Qi Wireless Charging will can charge the smartphones, but is it enabled to charge the Tablet devices. One obvious answer is that as of now, very few tablet supports the Qi Wireless charging, and it is also not much popular for the tablet devices. If the demand might increases in future, Audi might prepare its car for tablets also. Yet about the tablets, this is not any official announcement by Audi.

As the Automotive electronics industry s concerned, Qi is the clear market leader in providing innovative solutions and it has provided solutions in the Jeep and Toyota. Now it’s turn for the Audi. As the electricity signals are being transferred via induction process, it will create a kind of magnetic field in near by area, and hence there is always a bit danger when it is being used in the Automobiles.  Hence, Audi and Qi both has made many efforts for the safety and security criteria. They have made all the efforts to make it highly safe for the users to use it for their normal use.

The wireless standards has now been adopted in the automobile industry and already the Wlan and the wireless hotspot already being adopted by the automobile industry and also the LTE is going to be adopted by the industry. Wireless charging is also an another attempt in this direction and now two giants, Audi and Qi has made their debut in the CES 2014. Yet it is not made clear that when it actually be made available in the market and integrated, but it will be go in to the production batch of the current year it self. So, let’s wait for it.

Audi Converted Audi Phone Box into Qi Wireless Charging – Debut at CES 2014
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