Atmel Avantcar Release Date – Curved Touchscreen Auto Center Console by Atmel Technology

Atmel Corp had revealed the Avantcar concept in CES 2014 and since than people were so amazed by this concept and were asking for the Atmel Avantcar Release Date in the market. This concept is a curved touch-screen concsole that is a much improved HMI panel by Atmel. Though Atmel has not revealed any news about the Atmel Avantcar Release Date, our authenticate sources revealed that Atmel will launch this concept in 2017 i.e. in the year 2017, you might be riding your car with Atmel Avantcar. This Concept has a two big curved touch-screen display and also have a touch panel including all the buttons and hence it will not have any mechanical button or switch to operate. This touchscreen is a capacitive touch screen which will be capable of handling all the stuff that generally any center console of our regular car performs.

If you look at the concept that Atmel revealed at the 2014 CES, we may say that this AvantCar concept is a providing a Future experience in the area of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and the sensors and chis are made accordingly. Atmel is famous for it’s cheap manufacturing and it has a past track record for many successful Electronic device experience for Automobiles. Hence this has increased the buzz in the people as this is expected to be a high-end technical product. The car owners of this generation generally demands a high level of in-car driving experience and this move of Atmel will be a one step forward in this direction. Atmel’s AvantCar is answers to all the questions that generally any car driver has n in their mind when they think of any such concept.

Atmel AvantCar

This Centre car console will have GPS, Audio Control, radio, thermostate and Media Player etc.,, and all this is customizable. So, now you can customize them as per your exact requirements. The interesting stuff about this concept is that it will have an interface that will direclty communicate with your smart phone and Tablet devices. To provide very good quality level to the consumers, Atmel has made an attempt to manufacture Atmel entirely within their own devices only. Atmel will majorly include followings for AvantCar Concept:

  1. maxTouch
  2. XSense
  3. QTouch

Let’s find out some more details about the Atmel’s concept and wht goes inside.

maxTouch : the maxTouch is a already being used in many automotive applications it is used for many in-vehicle touch screens and touch pads. This is highly compatible with the center stack display and navigation systems. It will also have an unlimited touch identification with low-power consumption.

Xsense : Xsense is a highly flexible sensors which are specifically used for the curved surfaces. This Xsense will make the replacement of Mechanical switches within the cars and at-least for the centre console.

Qtouch : Atmel has a Qtuch libray wich is a developer friendly and and developers can make may Applications easily and efficiently on the Qtouch library platform. So, in future if you came across any of the marketplace for the applications for this concept in near future.

Apart from this major chips, it will have many of a Atmel Chips, Microcontrollers and the algorithms which will lead this amazing future concept towards the success. Apart from these it will also have the proximity sensors and ambiance controlling sensors. In short we are ging to experience a very rich in-vehicle experiencing in near future. Let’s wait or the Atmel’s AvantCar concept, till than keep reading the blog.




Atmel Avantcar Release Date – Curved Touchscreen Auto Center Console by Atmel
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