Apple iPhone 6 launch in next few months Technology


Apple is known for its unique design and innovative features. After Apple 5s and 5c, Apple plans to launch its next generation phone iPhone 6. According to source, Apple iPhone 6 will be equipped with 4.8 inch of Retina Display screen and also compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless standard.

Earlier report suggested that Apple iPhone 6 will be available in May or June but According to source, it will be available in September 2014. at this point of time we can say that Apple iPhone 6’s Unique Selling proposition is its overall design.

You will find innovation in software and updated OS on Apple iPhone 6. Apple is also planning to launch iPad with 13 inch of screen which will replace Macbook Air. It is also possible to update iOS 7 to iOS 8 in Apple iPhone 6.  The iPhone 6 has also been linked with curved OLED displays.

Company thinks that 85 million people may convert in to Apple iPhone 6 when it’s launch and about 5 to 10 million who missed 5s/5c.

Apple is currently playing with a couple of interesting display patents which may introduce in Apple iPhone 6. It may also available in improved (Pressure Sensitive) touch screen.

Let’s hope that Apple iPhone 6 launch soon for technology and quality lovers.



Apple iPhone 6 launch in next few months
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