Amazon’s smartphone Release Date – 3D Capabilities smarthpone by Amazon Technology

After success of Kindle Fire Tablet, now it’s turn for smartphone; and after Amazon’s Smartphone release date, we will be able to see the smartphone with 3D capabilities from Amazon directly competing with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Nexus smartphone. Rumors about the smartphone by Amazon was roaring in the market from many a times in past, but now it seems that they are going to be reality with the news about the release date of Amazon’s smartphone. It is assumed that Amazon will set it’s smartphone release date at the first half of 2014, and we might be able to see the Amazon’s smartphone in between may to July of 2014. It purely resembles design of Google Nexus 4 with the glass on both sides.

The main interesting eye-catching thingĀ  about the device is the 3D capabilities which is amazing. The smartphone from Amazon will have six cameras which will indeed create a 3D depth in the image. In addition to these six cameras, the smartphone will also have front camera. the six cameras will be there each on a corner of a screen. These cameras will not work independently, but all of them work in co-ordination with various sensors like accelerometer, gyrometer, and many more sensors. This all in sync will generate a 3D image which will have the 3D depth effect which will not require any 3D glasses.

Amazon's smartphone

Anyhow, this is not the first attempt of Glass free 3D effects. In past also, such attempts have been made but that required parallax barrier and it was not creating good quality visual effects. We are not sure whether this smartphone from amazon will be able to create an amazing visual effects or not, but the technology they are talking about is new, and we may assume that innovation might have been tried in this case and hence we may hope for good quality 3D effects, that do not require any kind of 3D Glasses. Along with this, the good thing about this camera is that it will track your eye and face automatically and adjust the items on screens accordingly.

Amazon's smartphone

Gesture control is one of the another important sought after feature of this Amazon’s smartphone. It will support many of the gesture controls which will make your experience of using the smartphone much more richer. As the other features and specifications is concerned, the smartphone will be of a 4.7 inch of LCD screen with expected screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It is assumed to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2GB of Ram, It will Run on the latest version of Android, but this will be modified by Amazon and final OS will look too different. The another good thing also goes with the camera. The main camera might be of 13 MP and front facing camera is expected to be of a 12 MP. The Amazon’s Smartphone will have 2400 mAH of battery.

The Phone is expected to give very tough fight to Nexus and Samsung’s Galaxy devices. Th one thing where the pone might be lacking may be on a battery side. Even after having 2400 mAH of battery, the phone is having 6 cameras. Now, the camera generally consumes much of a battery of the smartphone, and this device has 6 cameras. So,, we are worried about will this 3D feature be really useful, if the device will use too much of battery. Anyhow, we can not say anything clearly, because Amazon might have this point in mind and they might have already implemented some solution for it. We can say anything when we have the device on hand. Till than, let’s wait for the launch of Amazon’s smartphone.


Amazon’s smartphone Release Date – 3D Capabilities smarthpone by Amazon
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