2015 Acura NSX Launch Date – Price and Specification of Honda’s Hybrid Concept Automobile News

As it is awaited by car lovers, 2015 Acura NSX Launch Date is about to be fixed by Honda and the reason for why it is so awaited is not only the Hybrid concept of Honda but also for it’s amazing look. Earlier, Honda has revealed the Acura NSX concept in earlier 2013, and now it is becoming ready for it’s launch in 2015. Yet, Honda has not revealed any confirm news,but the authenticated sources revealed that Honda will launch 2015 Acura NSX in the 2nd quarter of 2015 and most probably, it will be launched in May or June of 2015. As the original Acura NSX was first revealed from 1991 to 2005 and after that the roll-out of newer model is in 2015, Car lovers areĀ  a bit unhappy from Honda by the slow process for newer version of the Honda, but it will not matter a lot as people are also too excited about the Acura NSX.

The Hybrid Car with amazing look is also priced at a luxury level. It is estimated that the Honda will priced the 2015 Acura NSX at US $110, 000 which will be a base price of Entry level model, and this price will increase depending upon the model. We have to note here that, this price is not officially revealed by the Honda, and Honda has still not revealed any confirm news about the pricing of the Acura NSX. This estimate leaked from the industry experts who are actively follows the Acura NSX. Back in 2005, Honda had stopped the production of the older Acura NSX models, and since from than people are eagerly awaiting for the option of Acura, but not other car (even the cars from Honda itself) are matching the charm of Acura NSX. The eagerness of people shoot-up when the Honda officially announced the new 2015 Acura NSX.

2015 Acura NSX

The Concept Sports Car will have a front-engine V-10 layout which is proposed by Acura Design. The Concept Sport car will have a direct-injected and twin-turbocharged 3.7-liter V-6 aided by a trio of electric motors. Acura NSX will have around 3.7 liters of displacement and a combined gasoline-electric output of power of 550 HP. The car will have a 7-speed twin-cl auto of transmission. The wheelbase of the Acura NSX will be of 101.4 in and the curb weight of the car will be around 3100 lb. Manufacturing of 2015 Honda Acura NSX will be done globally at Honda’s Ohio R&D team, also, the company has confirmed in past that New Acura NSX will be manufactured in a Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

Keeping in mind about the next-generation SuperCars and the performance and the capabilities that are expected, we may expect that the Honda will make Acura NSX up-to the level of the expectation. The market is expecting a competition of Acura NSX with Lexus, a Porsche 911 and an Audi R8 which will be their prime competitions in the segment. Also, the players in this segment are very strong, and Honda has to really expect a very tough competition in the market. Any-how, people are too awaiting about the car in 2015 and also about the competition as the competitor companies will also plan for some tough competition in the segment. Let’s see what happens!!!

2015 Acura NSX Launch Date – Price and Specification of Honda’s Hybrid Concept
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